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What can I expect from Invisalign and Botox in Clapham?

At Clapham South Dental Centre, we are committed to providing residents of Clapham with a degree of professionalism and care within dentistry like no other. We believe that the specific requirements of each patient are unique, and the treatment ought to reflect this – rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach which is common practice across numerous other dentists across the country. At Clapham South Dental Centre, patients have the ability to choose which gender they prefer to be seen by, and treatment is carried out by a dentist whom the patients trust wholeheartedly and share a good rapport with. As we are both an NHS and private clinic, we offer a wide array of both NHS backed and private cosmetic procedures which are suited to the needs and requirements of each patient.

Botox in ClaphamClearly clever

Discreet orthodontic treatments at Clapham South Dental are very popular. These are a cosmetic alternative to contemporary orthodontics such as typical fused ‘train-track’ braces which are often uncomfortable and have a largely detrimental effect on the outward appearance of the user. Invisalign in Clapham South Dental is one such form of discreet orthodontics which, unlike conventional methods, is removable and as such can be worn at a time that is convenient to the patients. Constructed from a patented SmartTrack see through plastic – chosen for its uniquely durable yet malleable qualities – the Invisalign aligner, when worn, gradually aligns the patient’s teeth to their correct position. This is established during consultations with a practitioner of the patient’s choosing prior to being treatment. Another method of discreet orthodontics we offer here at Clapham South Dental are Invisible braces. These are similar to conventional, fused orthodontics in that they are fixed to the front of a patient’s teeth – however, instead of using metal brackets, a white plastic is used that is colour matched to the patient’s surrounding teeth and thus makes them far less visible when worn. Clear braces are a similar form of treatment available, this utilises a clear plastic alloy rather than metal, so when worn the brace is virtually undetectable. Treatments of this nature can have a massively positive effect on a patient’s self-confidence as it affords them the ability to undertake essential dental alignment, without attracting any unwanted scrutiny from peers or colleagues.

Finding the fountain of youth

One cosmetic, privately funded procedure which is offered here which is not a dental treatment, but rather a form of facial rejuvenation is the administration of Botox in Clapham.  These are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, used to appear more youthful and halt the visible signs of ageing such as frown lines and wrinkles. Botox injections utilise a botulinum toxin which – when injected directly into a patient’s facial muscles – targets the tiny nerve endings which cause expressions, and freezes them. This results in the patient’s face appearing smoother and more youthful, and the effects can last around three to six months, depending on the extent of the treatment. Undertaking Botox in Clapham injections is a quick and relatively simple process, and is only carried out by a qualified practitioner whom the patient trusts, and patients can expect to see the visible effect on their faces come about in just fifteen minutes after being injected. Treatment of this sort can have a largely positive effect on a patient’s self-esteem and confidence as it restores a youthful vitality that they may have thought was long since lost.

Making Clapham smile better

At Clapham South Dental, it is our goal to provide our patients with a dental care experience that is catered to their individual needs and requirements in an environment that is comfortable, professional and relaxing. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, we believe that each patient’s smile is as unique as those bearing them – and as such, no two treatments are exactly the same. As we are both an NHS backed organisation, and a private practice, we offer a wide array of treatments across both cosmetic and structural dentistry. Our patients have the ability to choose which gender they prefer to be seen by, and treatment is only carried out after lengthy non-formal consultations with a practitioner with whom they feel comfortable and confident.

Botox in ClaphamBehind the scenes

One treatment we offer here, which is a popular cosmetic procedure, is the insertion of discreet orthodontics, such as Invisalign retainers. These are a widely praised, removable, non-invasive alternative form of dental realignment that differs from conventional dental braces. Conventional braces are often referred to as ‘train-tracks’, fused to the front of a patient’s teeth they clearly affect outward appearance and are often uncomfortable. Invisalign treatments use a custom made mouthguard constructed from a patented ‘SmartTrack’ plastic – chosen for it’s malleable yet firm consistency. This retainer, when worn at a time convenient to the patient, gradually aligns their teeth using built in pressure points to the specifications set out with their trusted dental practitioner here at Clapham South Dental. When worn, the Invisalign retainer is practically invisible which may explain its popularity with teenagers and young adults as it allows them to undergo essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted attention or scrutiny from peers of colleagues.

Invisible braces are another form of discrete dental alignment we offer at Clapham South Dental. These are similar to conventional fused braces, however the sockets that are fused to the patient’s teeth are constructed from a white plastic alloy that has been colour matched to the pigments of the patient’s teeth, and as such are far less visible from the outside. Clear braces are again similar, only they are fused to the teeth with clear see-through plastic sockets, which are almost undetectable from the outside.

Youthful vitality

Another cosmetic treatment on offer here at Clapham South Dental are injections of Botox in Clapham. These are not a dental procedure but rather a form of facial rejuvenation, which is used to halt visible signs of ageing or stress on a patient’s face. The process of injecting Botox is only carried out by a registered professional whom the patient trusts, and is a relatively simple and painless undertaking that lasts only fifteen minutes, before patients can see the effects taking place. Botox in Clapham uses botulinum toxin, which is injected into the tiny nerve endings on a patient’s face that cause lines or wrinkles. This toxin freezes the nerve endings, and smooths them out – thus resulting in patients appearing visibly younger and with a renewed youthful vitality. The effects of Botox in Clapham can be seen for around 6-12 months, and can massively boost the self-esteem and confidence of those who undergo the injections.

How does Botox work?

Botox has become a common treatment. People even casually mention in conversations that they’ve had done on their lunch break. It’s certainly true that Botox is a quick treatment that can be done as part of your working day, but what actually is it? Botox is a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin, produced by a type of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This is most commonly found in forests and soil. It’s become an effective way of removing age lines and wrinkles found in the skin, as well as for a range of other quibbles and symptoms.

Botox in ClaphamIs Botox for you?

If you’re finding that you have age lines you’d like to improve on and want to find out about Botox in Clapham, our team of highly-experienced staff can help you get started. Botox is proven to be safe and effective.

Considering your options for Botox in Clapham takes some thought and, to find out more, one of our team can meet with you to discuss what you want to get out of it.

What happens at an appointment?

At Clapham South Dental Centre, we have effectively treated many patients with Botox in Clapham to meet individual needs. It’s injected straight into the skin, where it works to go into certain muscles around where you want to reduce lines. The activity of these muscles is reduced after the muscle movement is reduced and the nerve impulses are temporarily blocked. An appointment can be as short as 15-20 minutes.

How many appointments do I need?

One treatment of Botox is needed for a specific area you want to address. Further treatments can be organised for Botox in Clapham for any other problem areas you want to change.

How long do the effects last?

Botox isn’t a treatment that is permanent and many patients return for further Botox treatments if lines start to reappear. Depending on the individual, the effects of Botox can last between 3 to 6 months. The lines will gradually reappear from everyday body movement as you go about everyday life.


At our clinic, the cost for Botox in Clapham starts from £37.50 a month. The price of treatments varies depending on how much you’d like to be done.

Should you trust your dentist for Botox in Clapham?

Some people feel weird at the thought of having Botox in the dentist’s chair, but they don’t have to. Botox has recently found its place in dentistry and dentists are the ideal medical professional to provide this treatment for many reasons.

For us at Clapham South Dental Centre, a beautiful smile is not only about great teeth – you should also feel confident with your face. And in order to achieve this, you can eliminate the fine wrinkles and lines on your forehead and around your mouth with Botox in Clapham.

Botox in ClaphamWhat is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein that when administered in certain areas of the face, it makes the muscles temporarily paralysed, thus preventing the creation of expression lines and wrinkles. Botox in Clapham is quick to administer, safe and offers reliable results for up to 6 months. Patients who wish to keep a consistent look should repeat the injections every so often.

Having your dentist administer Botox

If you think that dentists are not equipped to administer Botox, you should know that unlike other medical professionals, they are trained in the area of the face and the mouth for many years. Not to mention that they administer many anaesthetic injections every day. At Clapham South Dental Centre, our cosmetic dentists are specially trained in Botox and know the areas between the neck, the face and the wider facial region like the back of their hands. Moreover, they are familiar with the complications that can occur in these areas and can respond better in emergency situations. Last but not least, chances are that you have already created a close relationship with your dentist and that will make you feel more confident in the dentist’s chair.

Are there any possible side-effects?

Side-effects from Botox in Clapham are very rare and if they occur they are usually very mild and temporary. In some cases, Botox can be rejected by the body and its antibodies. If this happens, the therapy will be less effective than expected. Some patients may experience temporary bruising on the site of the injection, but it should go away after a couple of days. If you experience irritation or other problems, return to your dentist immediately.

Three advantages of Botox in Clapham

There are plenty of options available for people who want to improve their look. Botox in Clapham is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that we offer at Clapham South Dental Centre.

This treatment can be used to relax the muscles around the eyes and mouth to prevent wrinkles from forming. The Botox works by relaxing the facial muscles that subconsciously tense up, forming expression lines. This leaves the skin looking smoother.

Botox in ClaphamWorking with a dentist

At first, it may seem unusual to have Botox in Clapham at the dentist. This is because we are so used to associating this profession with teeth.

However, at Clapham South Dental Centre, it makes perfect sense for us to offer Botox to our patients. We have a clean and safe environment for the procedure. Our team are already medically qualified to offer injections. We also have a holistic understanding of the aesthetic principles of the face which can be applied to Botox treatments.

Botox – just long enough

If this is your first cosmetic treatment, you may be feeling a little trepidation. This is a natural reaction to new procedures involving the body and we do our best to make you feel comfortable and well-informed before you go ahead. However, some people are nervous about the commitment involved.

The effects of Botox last for about 3 months or so depending on whereabouts you have the treatment. This allows you to try on the look without taking a long-term leap. You can have repeat treatments if you like the effect.

Super quick

You can get Botox on your lunch break if you want to. It takes less than an hour to complete and there are no major side effects that will affect the rest of your day. It is possible to feel a little tender afterwards so you might want to just take the rest of the day off to relax but, if that’s not possible, you certainly don’t have to. Your treatment will involve a short consultation to check that you are suitable. We’ll also talk to you about the best locations for Botox. Once we have all the required information, we can then proceed with the injections that make up the treatment.

Botox in Clapham – some questions you have always wanted to ask

Ever since Botox was introduced in cosmetic medicine a few decades ago, it’s become one of the most popular non-surgical ways to look younger and fresher. Botox is a very safe treatment and is continuously improved to offer the best results possible.

Botox in ClaphamBut what is exactly Botox? At Clapham South Dental Centre, we appreciate that quite a few of our patients are not familiar with Botox in Clapham. To find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment, simply book a consultation appointment and we will help you decide.

What is Botox like?

If you want to know more about the procedure and its actual aftermath, you’ve come to the right place. Our dentists are committed to providing as much information as possible about Botox in Clapham to patients before, during and after the procedure. Botox is injected into the skin – more specifically, it is injected in the areas of the face that require improvement such as the forehead, the area around the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet) and/or around the lip area. The actual injections are not painful at all and it can take up to several injections for every patient. Botox injections are very quick and in some cases, you can leave the dental practice in less than half an hour.

What will results be like and how long will they last?

Botox results can last from 2-6 months (4 months being the average). It is really important to know what to expect before you commit time and money and for this reason, we will guide you through the process and advise you on the number of Botox injections you will need to have over a specific period of time for optimal results. Botox in Clapham can last more if the muscles injected are not in frequent use. Frown lines and crow’s feet form part of repeated expressions and return more often than other types of lines and wrinkles.

Can anybody get Botox in Clapham?

Botox is medically approved only for patients who are over 18 and have no allergies to the ingredients of the treatment. To check if you would be a good candidate for this treatment, give us a call today.

Trusting the process when you get Botox in Clapham

Whenever you decide to mix things up when it comes to your look, you are always taking a bit of a risk. Will that new haircut make you look stunning? Is it worth investing in that new lipstick tint? However, sometimes you have to make the leap in order to see great results. The compliments and the way you feel when things go according to plan are worth it. One way to minimise your risk when you undertake a new cosmetic procedure is to engage the support of professionals to guide you. If you are wondering whether to get Botox in Clapham, the team at Clapham South Dental Centre are here to help you trust the process.

Botox in ClaphamWhat support can we offer?

There are plenty of questions and concerns that we hear repeatedly at Clapham South Dental centre. These are all perfectly normal and based on things that people have seen or heard. We are here to answer all of your queries until you feel happy and safe to go ahead. Below are some brief answers to general questions we hear when people get Botox in Clapham.

What improvements will I see?

Botox in Clapham can help to smooth out reoccurring lines between the brows and at the sides of the eyes and lips. Everyone has different needs and reactions, but we can give you a general idea of what to expect when we meet for your initial consultation. You won’t see any effects straight away. They will develop over the week following your treatment. Before and after selfies are a great way to see the full impact of your Botox.

Is there a chance of side effects?

As with any medical or cosmetic procedure, there is always a small chance of minor or major adverse reactions. We tell you what to look out for so that, if you experience anything that is out of the ordinary, you can seek medical attention immediately. We can talk you through common, but not dangerous or difficult, sensations that people feel after Botox in Clapham. At Clapham South Dental Centre, we believe that this level of frankness is one of the reasons why our patients trust us to give them non-surgical cosmetic support.

All you need to know about Botox in Clapham

If you want to soften the look of facial wrinkles and fine lines, you should try Botox. This treatment, which is short for Botulinum toxin, works by briefly freezing the muscles in your face which are responsible for facial expressions and wrinkles. Botox is also used in dentistry to treat migraines and other dental issues.

Botox in ClaphamAt Clapham South Dental Centre, we offer Botox in Clapham to make our patients feel better in their skin. This treatment can be done either on its own or as part of a complete smile makeover, following other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

We are qualified to administer Botox in Clapham

Our experienced cosmetic dentists at Clapham South Dental Centre are qualified to administer Botox injections. As dentists, we have a thorough understanding of the face and the way muscles work and we know how to administer injections because we have been administering them for common dental procedures for many years.

Botox in Clapham is not invasive

Botox is a non-surgical procedure and for this reason, it is not invasive. As a matter of fact, it can be completed in less than an hour in the dentist’s chair and for this reason, it is also known as a ‘lunchtime’ treatment. Most patients won’t feel uncomfortable during the procedure and although some swelling may be expected after the treatment, it will go away soon. The effects of Botox injections can last from 3-6 months and patients are advised to return to our practice for maintenance injections, which in any case are less invasive and less of a hassle than cosmetic surgery.

Can everyone have Botox?

Botox is not a miracle treatment and it may not work for some people. After a thorough consultation, we will help you determine if this is the right treatment for you and your needs. To qualify for Botox in Clapham you must:

  • be an adult
  • not be afraid of needles
  • understand that the results of Botox are impermanent
  • be in good physical and mental health

To learn more about Botox in Clapham and how it can smile, contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

A dentist performing Botox in Clapham?

If you have considered Botox to improve your facial appearance, you are not alone. In recent years, more and more people are choosing this treatment in order to take years off their face. And did you know that now your dentist can deliver Botox?

Botox in ClaphamAt Clapham South Dental Centre, we put a lot of emphasis on our patients’ needs and for this reason, we provide Botox in Clapham. As specialists in facial anatomy and aesthetics, we can provide this non-surgical treatment to patients who wish to smooth out their facial lines and wrinkles. And what most people don’t know is that Botox is equally aesthetic and therapeutic. In some cases, we may use Botox in Clapham for jaw pain relief, yet it’s main function is cosmetic.

Is it safe to get Botox in Clapham from a dentist?

It is perfectly safe to get Botox from a dentist, since we are very thoroughly trained in this procedure and we constantly seek further training on the latest techniques available. As dentists, we have spent many hours examining the human face and we know everything about the muscles involved in Botox treatment. More importantly, part of our job requires delivering multiple injections, therefore we have a thorough understanding of the best anatomical spots of the human face. Last but not least, as cosmetic dentists we are very creative and we will strive to achieve the best result possible for your face shape and characteristics.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Once you have your Botox injection, you may not notice a difference straight away. This is completely normal. However, if you don’t see any visible results after a few days, you should contact us. Botox is not painful; you may, however, experience some puffing for a few days that will go away on its own. Avoid rubbing the treated area because the substance in Botox can move to other parts of your face. Treatment with Botox in Clapham can last from 3-6 months and during this time your facial muscles will not contract, creating a perfectly smooth surface.

Interested in Botox in Clapham? Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

Ironing out the wrinkles

In a fast paced, modern life, finding time to really relax and let go can seem like mission impossible. It means that although we are getting younger and younger in our outlooks on life, our faces may not match our joie de vivre. If a holiday is long off in the distance, how can you reset your look and get a fresher face without time off, an answer for the young at heart but wrinkled of face in Clapham? Believe it or not, it’s Botox in Clapham.

Botox in ClaphamWhy Botox in Clapham?

Botox has received some negative press thanks to celebrities who have taken the trend to the extreme, resulting in frozen faces and emotionless smiles. However, when done correctly, Botox will simply smooth out some of the finer lines and lift the look of the skin. When injected, it gently numbs the nerve impulses so that the face relaxes, and wrinkles disappear. This simple treatment can knock years off your face.

Why choose a dentist to do this?

Dentists have in-depth knowledge of the nerve and muscle structure of the face. It means that injections administered by us at Clapham South Dental Centre will be carried out with absolute accuracy and precision, for great results. You will also be relieved to hear that the safety of the treatment is guaranteed, due to our extensive professional training.

Our dentists will be clear and honest with you, advising on the extent of the change you can expect and making sure you are in safe hands. The treatment itself takes only 5-10 minutes, with a tiny needle injecting the Botox into your skin.

How long to look fresh and new?

After the injection you will start to see results within a week. The effects are not permanent, so you can decide if you like the results before going again. After around 3 months the effects will wear off and you will need a further injection to top up.

Why not pop in for a consultation for Botox in Clapham? Our cosmetic dentist can advise you on your suitability. Within a week, you’ll look like you’ve been luxuriating at a spa.