Should you trust your dentist for Botox in Clapham?

Some people feel weird at the thought of having Botox in the dentist’s chair, but they don’t have to. Botox has recently found its place in dentistry and dentists are the ideal medical professional to provide this treatment for many reasons.

For us at Clapham South Dental Centre, a beautiful smile is not only about great teeth – you should also feel confident with your face. And in order to achieve this, you can eliminate the fine wrinkles and lines on your forehead and around your mouth with Botox in Clapham.

Botox in ClaphamWhat is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein that when administered in certain areas of the face, it makes the muscles temporarily paralysed, thus preventing the creation of expression lines and wrinkles. Botox in Clapham is quick to administer, safe and offers reliable results for up to 6 months. Patients who wish to keep a consistent look should repeat the injections every so often.

Having your dentist administer Botox

If you think that dentists are not equipped to administer Botox, you should know that unlike other medical professionals, they are trained in the area of the face and the mouth for many years. Not to mention that they administer many anaesthetic injections every day. At Clapham South Dental Centre, our cosmetic dentists are specially trained in Botox and know the areas between the neck, the face and the wider facial region like the back of their hands. Moreover, they are familiar with the complications that can occur in these areas and can respond better in emergency situations. Last but not least, chances are that you have already created a close relationship with your dentist and that will make you feel more confident in the dentist’s chair.

Are there any possible side-effects?

Side-effects from Botox in Clapham are very rare and if they occur they are usually very mild and temporary. In some cases, Botox can be rejected by the body and its antibodies. If this happens, the therapy will be less effective than expected. Some patients may experience temporary bruising on the site of the injection, but it should go away after a couple of days. If you experience irritation or other problems, return to your dentist immediately.