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What are the signs that I may need clear braces in Clapham?

One of the biggest challenges faced by our patients is knowing when to get in touch for treatments.

One particular treatment we routinely advise patients about are clear braces and how they can actually provide a lot of benefits to them as adults, either as fixed or removable braces. So with that in mind here are a few signs to keep an eye out for that might indicate that you should get in touch with us for  clear braces in Clapham.

clear-braces-claphamSpeech problems

Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs that you may need to come in for braces is if you’re having problems speaking or if you’re stumbling and stuttering around words or phrases. Another indication is if you are making a pronounced whistling sound while you’re talking with others.

These issues crop up because your misaligned teeth are essentially restricting your jaw’s ability to move and sound out the right parts of the words effectively. After going through a realignment with clear braces in Clapham patients usually find that these problems become less noticeable and are easier to manage.

Crooked or crowded looking teeth

Another fairly noticeable sign that you should consider braces is if your teeth look crooked or crowded in sections of your mouth. Because our teeth naturally move as we age you may not notice this issue for several years, that’s why at Clapham South Dental Centre our team will keep on top of your progress as you get older and we will take you through any realignments in a safe and professional manner to help you regain that straight smile you deserve.

Problems chewing or breaking down food

Our teeth play a big part in how our bodies digest food and any poorly aligned teeth can negatively impact your overall health. This is because whilst you eat your food is broken down into manageable bite sized chunks that your stomach can then easily digest. However, misaligned teeth can lead to larger chunks slipping through that are harder to break down, so your body needs to spend more time working its way through it, which is why you can feel bloated and full for longer or experience regular bouts of indigestion.

Recurring jaw problems or pain

Although it may not seem like it, having crooked teeth can cause a number of jaw and mouth problems if left untreated. This is down to how you bite, because with straight teeth the amount of pressure that’s placed is spread evenly throughout your mouth, whilst any crooked teeth can cause an unequal amount of force to concentrate in certain areas.

Over time this can lead to chronic pain and aching of the jaw and the surrounding muscle, as well as potentially opening your teeth up to fracturing and cracks from all the pressure they’re put under. A realignment with a brace can help redistribute the force around your mouth to help ease this.

These are just a few signs that you may need a brace. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms then do not hesitate to get in contact with our practice so we can get you on the path to a healthy straight smile.

Let Clapham South Dental Centre really give you something to smile about!

Clapham South Dental Centre is a fully integrated dental practice and a whole lot more. With a dedicated team of highly trained and expert dentists all practicing in one facility we are able to offer dental excellence across a wide spectrum of dental treatments, ensuring amazing patient outcomes, day in day out.

clapham-clear-bracesClapham South Dental Centre offer an integrated and team focused method of dentistry, with a high degree of patient care intermingled within the very fabric and ethos of the practice. From the outset we strongly advocate preventive dentistry as the front line defence for healthy teeth, and we cater for patients both young and old with first class routine and general dentistry. More than this, we offer orthodontic treatment.

I was born with crooked teeth what can I do

We are not all born with a perfect smile and flawlessly straight teeth, in fact few of us are. When it comes to creating a beautiful smile it is important that our teeth are in alignment and in the right position to start with The standard, and in fact until recently, the only solution for this was fixed braces. We all know these metal braces, the ones with adjustable wires and fixings, which need continual dental visits in order to achieve the desired results, and let’s face it, are not the most pleasant accessory. Recent advances in orthodontics have provided several options which make the whole process not only a lot more discreet, but a whole lot more convenient and easier to manage. To start with, clear braces in Clapham provide the same end result, but are much less visible. Clear braces in Clapham have grown in popularity in recent times and our patients feel a lot more comfortable wearing them. Invisalign, for one, represents a truly revolutionary leap in orthodontics offering clear braces in Clapham which are custom made aligners, barely visible and removable for brushing and eating. You will need a number of Invisalign tooth aligners on your journey to straight teeth and a fabulous smile, with the average treatment time being between 6 to18 months. On initial consultation your specialist dentist will take a mould of your teeth which is then fed into a computer which will generate a virtual reality model of your teeth Your dentist can then use their expertise to design a series of custom made teeth aligners made especially for you. This method has been the preferred solution to obtaining a fabulous smile for many  A-Listers and celebrities for many years. Other types of clear braces are otherwise known as ceramic braces. These braces can provide the precise results of traditional braces, but are constructed so as to have either transparent or tooth coloured brackets. This makes them unobtrusive to the casual observer and their performance is extremely efficient.

Will it cost a fortune to have clear braces?

It has now become more affordable and available to you now.  We offer convenient and easy interest free finance, allowing you to spread the cost of your treatments with easy monthly payments. Why not get in touch today and see how Clapham South Dental Centre can put you on the road to a fabulous smile?

Here’s how to determine if you are a suitable candidate for clear braces in Clapham

While there is certainly a wider range of orthodontic braces to choose from nowadays, we at Clapham South Dental Centre like to make our patients aware that not all treatments types may be suitable for every patient. One of the clear braces in Clapham treatment types most frequently asked about at our dental clinic is Invisalign. The ease of use, comfort and discreteness of this dental device are the top factors for the treatment’s popularity.

Clear Braces in ClaphamCrooked smiles Invisalign can fix

One of the major factors in determining a patient’s suitability for this type of clear braces in Clapham is the severity of your crooked smile. The dental device is used for a myriad range of teeth and bite issues, but may not be suitable if these issues are severe or complex. Generally, the following dental conditions can be treated:

  • Spaces between teeth

Gaps between teeth are a cause for concern as food can easily become trapped in them and lead to other dental issues like tender gums and advanced gum disease.

  • A crowded mouth

Overcrowding does not leave sufficient space in the dental arches to accommodate teeth comfortably. This is worrying for a number of reasons. Firstly teeth and gums become more difficult to clean and as a result, a patient can quite easily accumulate plaque build-up. Other reasons include teeth becoming encouraged to overlap or forced out of position.

  • Overbite

This is a common malocclusion condition where the upper dental arch overlaps the lower arch. Patients usually experience jaw pain due to teeth putting undue pressure on the jaw.

  • Underbite

Another bite issue that causes difficulty in chewing and speaking is the underbite. An underbite is defined as the front teeth in the lower dental arch jutting out in front of the front upper teeth.

  • Crossbite

Patients with a crossbite find that their upper teeth are sitting in the unusual position of inside the lower arch as opposed to the outside of the lower teeth. The damage caused by this condition include chipped teeth, gum recession and bone loss.

  • Open bite

When you close your mouth, it is normal for the teeth on the upper and lower arches to touch. Sometimes this does not happen and this is referred to as an open bite. The condition can present chewing difficulties when biting into hard and crunchy food types.

Other influential factors include:

  • A patient’s willpower or determination to commit to our dental practitioner’s guidelines on wearing Invisalign retainers.

Whilst the most commonly known fact about the device is that it is removable, many of our patients are surprised to find out that they are only allowed to remove them for a limited number of hours.

  • Age

The thermoplastic aligners are able to be fitted for older teenagers and adult patients.

Only a dental practitioner can evaluate a patient’s case accurately and determine their suitability for clear braces in Clapham. If you have one of the teeth or bite problems mentioned above and want to know if Invisalign can help you fix it, then please contact us at Clapham South Dental Centre.

How clear braces in Clapham can help you cosmetically

With more and more of us using social media everyday the way we look starts to become ever increasingly important. We start to notice all the little flaws and imperfections that on the outside are small but inside cause a lot of anxiety and feelings of low self-confidence.

Clear Braces in ClaphamBut there are options at your disposal for improving your image a little. One method is to make an appointment for clear braces in Clapham to give your smile a little boost.

What these braces are

As we mentioned above, these braces can help your smile. What we mean by that is, this treatment is primarily used by our patients to straighten up crooked or misaligned teeth.

We manage this by providing you with a custom fitting dental brace that you will need to wear for a short period. Then over time we will replace this with other aligners that will help to apply a gentle amount of pressure on your teeth to reposition them to a nicer looking angle or spot in your mouth. At Clapham South Dental Centre, we will make sure the fitting process is fast, pain-free and we’ll advise you on the best way to look after your brace when you leave.

The procedure

The process of being fitted for clear braces in Clapham is relatively quick, not particularly invasive and is pain-free. It involves your dentist using a sophisticated piece of scanning equipment to create a 3D image of your teeth that they will use to show how your teeth will be realigned in the future.

Then your dentist will provide you with the custom-made braces we mentioned previously which will realign your teeth. The entire treatment time can be fairly lengthy with most patients generally taking around 12 months to finish with positive results, so you need to be patient.

How we scan

Generally, when you come in for a scan you can expect one of two methods. Either your dentist will use blue LEDs to map out the topography of your teeth, or they will use a series of laser scans to collect measurements. Both are painless and tend to be fairly quick options for scanning.

Advice for wearing braces

After taking your aligners home there are a few practices you should pick up to make sure the treatment goes smoothly.

As an example, when removing the brace for brushing your teeth or eating, try to not keep it out for too long. Generally, you should be wearing it for at least 22 hours a day. Also, there is probably going to be some discomfort from the pressure being placed on your teeth, we recommend painkillers to counter this when it is appropriate.

You may remove the appliance very briefly if the discomfort is too much, but if you do then we suggest you place it in a hard container to keep it sterile and prevent accidental damage from occurring.

Hopefully some of this has helped clear up a few things about the braces. They’re a great way to realign those crooked teeth, so if you’re looking to straighten up that smile of yours then contact your dentist at our practice and see what we can do for you.

Different types of clear braces treatments at Clapham South Dental Centre

If you have been told by your orthodontist that you require brace treatment, it can feel quite distressing, as images of large, metal braces are the standard image people carry around for this type of orthodontic treatment.

Clear Braces in ClaphamHowever, while metal braces are still used in dental practices, there are many other types of braces that are becoming commonplace in dentistry, that can offer more precise and delicate alternatives to the traditional metal brace.

One of the braces we are able to offer our patients at Clapham South Dental Centre is the clear brace. If your dentist thinks you are a suitable candidate for clear braces in Clapham, you may be puzzled as to how this type of brace will work or may have other questions about this treatment.

What are clear braces?

Not to be confused with invisible braces, clear braces come in two separate types; removable and non-removable.  The set of clear braces in Clapham you will be fitted with will depend on factors such as the extent of misalignment, the overall condition of your teeth and the final result you and your dentist want to gain from your treatment with them.

We use different types of clear braces in Clapham, which include those requested most by patients.

Clear ceramic braces

although this type of braces is called a ‘clear’ brace, it actually isn’t made from a clear material. The brackets that are attached to the teeth are made from a colour matched ceramic material, that holds the moveable wire to the front of your teeth. Due to the colour matched nature of the ceramics to your teeth, this creates the illusion of a clear brace. The moveable wire adapts as the teeth in your mouth move throughout your treatment, so it is a more discreet and more comfortable option than metal braces.

Clear bracket braces

similar in design to the ceramic braces, the clear bracket brace is comprised of both a clear plastic bracing and a thin wire. Depending on the treatment you will undertake with this, your dentist may be able to varnish the wire with a white colour, to minimise the outward appearance of this brace.

Once again, the wire in this brace is designed to move as your teeth realign and is described as being very comfortable.

Benefits of clear braces

Although they are not removable, clear braces have the advantage of being minimalist and can provide patients with a strong alignment option for their teeth.

As they are attached via small brackets to the teeth, the impact on the hygiene of the teeth is minimal, and discomfort experienced when using clear braces is also minimal. If you experience excessive amounts of pain when wearing your clear braces, please see your dentist as soon as possible, to ensure that the brackets are placed in the correct position on your teeth.

Want to know if clear braces are for you? Contact our team at Clapham South Dental Centre for more information.

Keep smiling with clear braces in Clapham

Uneven or crooked teeth can be a problem, not only for your confidence but also for your bite. When trying to straighten crooked teeth, dentists will often recommend having braces fitted.

Of course, the first image that jumps to mind are the traditional ‘metal braces’, which can cause confidence issues with your smile. These do tend to be a little obvious.

Clear Braces in ClaphamLuckily, dentistry has evolved and now, there are a range of different braces available to help realign your smile. With technologies becoming more available to a wider range of people, you may be thinking about trying a less visible approach to teeth straightening.

What are clear braces?

The hint is in the title. Clear braces are almost invisible to the naked eye and come in two different types, removable and fitted.

Fitted braces are attached to your teeth, just as traditional braces would be, whereas removable ones are custom made to fit in your mouth. One of our  clear braces in Clapham are a brand called Invisalign, which aims to straighten your teeth with maximum comfort.

Clear braces are used to correct moderate to mild alignment issues and therefore may not be suitable for everyone.

Will wearing them hurt?

We have all heard that braces are sometimes uncomfortable for some people, especially just after having them fitted or tightened. This discomfort is because traditional braces are working to straighten severely misaligned teeth, so they have to pull them with a fair bit of force to gain the desired effect.

Our removable brand of clear braces in Clapham, Invisalign, does not pull teeth but rather pushes them with ease in to their correct position by using pressure points, fitted within the brace. This is achieved gradually, so should not create any discomfort at all.

Do clear braces work?

Generally, the simple answer is yes.

If a member of our dental team feels you are a good candidate for clear braces, then you will certainly see an improvement in your teeth’s alignment over the first few months of wearing them.

Remember, that clear braces are only used to straighten mild to moderately misaligned teeth, so may not be suitable for you straight away. If your dentist feels that you need pre-treatment before getting clear braces, you may have to initially have traditional braces fitted. But don’t worry, this is temporary, and you will soon be wearing those clear ones!

As with all dental fittings, our team at Clapham South Dental Centre want to make the experience as pleasant as possible for you. If after you have had you clear braces fitted, you are in severe discomfort, we advise you to contact us straight away. However, it is worth noting that a mild amount of discomfort should be anticipated after having them fitted and our dental staff can advise you on how to manage this temporary side effect.

Think you are a candidate for clear braces? Contact us today for more information about clear braces.

Looking at getting straighter teeth in Clapham?

Are misaligned, crooked and gappy teeth blighting your look? Do you long for straight teeth, but are put off by the image of traditional gun-metal bracket and wire braces? If so, clear braces in Clapham could be the answer for you.

Clear Braces in ClaphamOver the last 20 years, dental techniques and means of straightening have developed dramatically, creating a range of discreet braces that can enhance your teeth without compromising your smile. At Clapham South Dental Centre, we offer a selection of clear, discreet braces that can provide solutions for almost any mild to moderate misalignment issue.

How do clear braces in Clapham work?

In Clapham, clear braces are created using a variety of different apparatus. They come in both fixed and removable types, so that the right fit can be found for you. Fixed clear braces utilise clear plastic brackets and tooth coloured wires to blend into your natural teeth. Some varieties are targeted to the front teeth to reduce treatment times, while others need longer to correct more complex issues.

Removable braces are not even technically braces, they are clear plastic bespoke aligners designed to fit your teeth exactly. These offer the ultimate in flexibility, especially for one-off occasions when you need to remove your brace.

The advantages of discreet braces

The main advantage of clear braces is discretion. Being able to straighten teeth discreetly means you can have the smile you’ve always wanted without damaging your confidence. The added advantage, of course, is the improvement to the health of your teeth. Teeth straightening improves your oral health in a number of ways. Firstly, misaligned teeth are more likely to harbour bacteria due to all the tiny spaces in between teeth that can’t be cleaned easily. This creates the perfect place for decay to take hold. Secondly, wonky teeth can place strain on the jaw and surrounding teeth. This leads to a number of issues from tension and headaches, teeth grinding and even damage to surrounding teeth over time.

What’s the next step?

Come in and see us. We need to fully assess your teeth, have a chat about what you would like to achieve, and then discuss the correct straightening option for you.

Feel your teeth could be straighter?

Even though you think it could help, does the thought of braces put you off? It’s understandable you might feel that way, but braces have come a long way in their development and there are options that provide far more comfort and ease than before. Depending on the condition of your teeth and what you need, there are both metal and clear brace options available.

Clear Braces in ClaphamAbout braces

Did you realise that there are a few different types of clear braces in Clapham available to use? They’re all in slightly different forms providing help with solving the issue, whether it’s overlapping or teeth that need straightening.

Who can wear clear braces?

As well as children, adults in need of having their teeth adjusted or realigned can get clear braces in Clapham. They aren’t only offered to children and, more commonly, adults are turning to clear braces in Clapham as a way of improving problems experienced in later life.

At Clapham South Dental Centre, we have a team of experienced dentists available to take you through the process of getting clear braces in Clapham and offering a type of brace to suit your preferences.

What are clear braces?

As the name suggests, clear braces are made of almost transparent material so that they’re much less noticeable to other people. These can include fixed braces that remain on your teeth as well as removeable braces.

About clear aligners

Invisalign are made up of custom-made plastic aligners that fit over your teeth. These are made from dental impressions taken of your teeth.

These aligners must be changed every 7-10 days, with the teeth adjusting gradually over time. Clear aligners provide a comfortable and lightweight option for people who don’t want to opt for metal braces.

How long to wear braces for

Overall, braces need to be worn over a relatively long period of time; between 9-18 months for the problem to be resolved. With a removable clear brace, this needs to be worn for most of the day, taking it out at mealtimes.

Cost of clear braces

The prices can vary with braces in general. With us, prices start from £125 a month, with an interest-free period of 12 months.

Do you really need clear braces in Clapham?

Sometimes you might find yourself wanting a change. You might look in the mirror at your teeth and wonder if there is anything you can do to make the adjustments that you want. You might be almost at the point of contacting us at Clapham South Dental Centre to ask about clear braces in Clapham and then you ask yourself – ‘do I really need this?’. That’s the nature of our inner chatter. We might be almost at the point of deciding then something holds us back. What will take you across the threshold when it comes to improving the appearance of your teeth?

Clear Braces in ClaphamIt’s not just about need

It would be a dull world if all of our decisions were motivated by need alone. Do we need to have lovely meals, for example, or a beautiful new piece of clothing?

While some desires may seem frivolous, we don’t think that’s the case when it comes to clear braces in Clapham. Cosmetic dentistry can make a significant improvement to your smile. This leads to higher self-esteem, more smiles and happiness all of which are essential for an enjoyable life.

Why clear braces in Clapham?

One of the reasons why you might hold off making the decision to go ahead might be because you are concerned about the look of your braces. If you don’t really need the treatment, why change your appearance for the duration of your procedure? When it comes to clear braces, the impact on your teeth is limited by the fact that the equipment is designed to blend in with the surface colours in your mouth.

The health of your teeth

The primary benefit of any treatment with clear braces is usually cosmetic. Fortunately, you may also get some health benefits thrown in. Typically, straight teeth are easier to clean. This means that your standard of dental hygiene will naturally be higher. Also, for the duration of your treatment, you’ll be getting far more frequent dental checks to keep an eye on your teeth. We’ll also check they are in top condition before we start treatment. If you are the type of person who needs a practical reason to go ahead, you have these.

Get the all clear on teeth straightening

What’s one of the most important requirements for teeth straightening among adults, apart from straighter teeth, of course?

Clear Braces in ClaphamIt’s being able to still look like a sensible adult as you go about your business. Unfortunately, wearing metal braces has a strong association with being a teenager and many adults would rather stick with their misaligned teeth than spend several months reliving their teenage years.

That’s why clear braces in Clapham from us at Clapham South Dental Centre are a great solution for many of our adult patients. Clear braces in Clapham allow adults to maintain their professional and responsible image as they fix their misaligned teeth.

There are 2 types of clear braces in Clapham: fixed and removable.

Fixed clear braces in Clapham

These look like traditional metal braces, but they have brackets made out of clear ceramic, and just one slim, tooth-coloured wire strung between them. These braces pull the front 6-8 teeth into alignment. They work best on mild to moderate misalignments.

Removable clear braces in Clapham

These braces don’t have brackets and wires. Instead, they look like invisible mouth guards that go over the teeth. Pressure points inside press on the teeth to gently push them into alignment. Whereas the wires on traditional braces are tightened every few weeks to keep up the pressure, treatment with aligners is progressed by wearing a series of devices, each with slightly different pressure points. The average treatment time for removable clear braces is around one year.

These aligners are transparent and removable, making meal times as easy as ever, and teeth brushing is simple too.

Removable braces work best on mild to moderate alignment issues. They don’t work well on teeth that have not descended properly as these need a pulling pressure to bring them into place.

For severe misalignments

You will probably need to start off with traditional metal braces and then move onto clear braces in Clapham part way through your treatment.

To find out more, come into Clapham South Dental Centre for a consultation. You can use our online form or ring us up for an appointment.