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Clear braces or invisible aligners?

Are you unsure about which orthodontic treatment might be the right one for you? clear-braces-clapham

At Clapham South Dental Centre, we are proud of our range of orthodontic options, including clear braces Clapham like the Damon System and even Invisalign aligners. So, if you are an adult who wants straighter teeth, contact our team for a consultation!

In this article, we compare the Damon System clear braces Clapham with Invisalign to help you weigh up which option may be the right for you.

Treatment time

The treatment time for both clear braces Clapham like the Damon System and Invisalign are faster than the standard treatment time for fitted braces. The Damon System can straighten your teeth in as little as 18 months, with Invisalign offering an average time of 3 to 6 months; however, this will depend on the issue being treated. So talk to our team for a more personalised breakdown.

Daily maintenance

The Damon System will require you to buy interdental brushes and an electric toothbrush to keep your teeth healthy and avoid the consumption of certain foods.

Invisible aligners have more simple maintenance. To keep them clean, you rinse them under a cold water tap, and if needed, you can remove stuck-on debris with a toothbrush. You will, however, need to brush your teeth after you consume food and before wearing the aligners; this will reduce the likelihood of tooth decay or gum disease developing.


Both invisible aligners and the Damon System braces have a job to do; move your teeth. But they differ in how they achieve this.

The Damon System works in a very similar way to a standard brace. It is fixed, adjusted and tightened, thus moving your teeth into proper alignment over time. Invisible aligners achieve the same goal in smaller steps. They come in a set of 12-14, and each aligner gently moves your teeth closer to the final result over 2 weeks. This is more manageable relating to discomfort, but you may still need pain relievers.

If you have any excessive discomfort with any orthodontic tool, contact our team as soon as possible for an assessment.


Both options offer discretion; however, the invisible aligners offer more simply because of the materials that they are made from.

Most invisible aligners are made from clear plastic, which is malleable but also firm. They are slotted over your teeth, where they allow you to show off your smile without any obvious drawbacks. The Damon System, however, is a fixed brace. The brackets are usually clear or enamel-coloured, and the archwire is thinner. But, they may still be slightly noticeable.

However, when they are compared to a standard metal brace, the Damon System is more discreet.


The results from both of these orthodontics tools can be life-changing.

You will have a straighter smile that will be whiter and easier to clean. But, in the short term, after the treatment is concluded, you will need to wear a retainer. This is the only way you can ensure that the results stick. A retainer will help to keep your teeth in their new positions. If you do not wear a retainer, you risk your teeth reverting to their previous positions, which can make the entire endeavour a waste of time and money.

Clear braces in Clapham for a healthy and beautiful smile

Thanks to advances in dental technology there are many different types of braces available to help straighten your teeth. Teeth straightening is commonly sought after here at Clapham South Dental Centre and we have different treatment options available to help you achieve more even teeth which are not only beautiful to look at, but also help promote better dental health. clear-braces-clapham

Crooked teeth not only affect the appearance of your smile but are more prone to the development of dental problems. This is because there is greater build-up of plaque and tartar on your teeth as there are more hard-to-reach areas in which bacteria and food particles can linger even after brushing. Plaque and tartar are the main cause of most dental issues. Over time they can cause cavities and tooth decay, as well as gum disease and eventually tooth loss. By addressing the misalignment issues of your teeth early on in life you will be able to maintain better dental hygiene and therefore prevent more serious complications in the future.

Clear braces Clapham give you a discreet and effective solution for correcting the maladjustment of your teeth, to achieve a healthy, neatly aligned smile. There are different types of clear braces Clapham designed to suit your individual dental requirements and your personal preferences.

Call us here at the surgery or book an appointment online using our website to find out more about clear braces Clapham. Our highly skilled dentists will carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to make sure that they are safe to move. We will also carry out a smile assessment using X-rays and 3-dimensional scans where necessary to show you how the unevenness of your teeth can be corrected using clear braces Clapham.

Fixed braces

For complicated orthodontic cases our dentist can recommend fixed clear braces to help straighten your teeth. These include invisible or tooth coloured brackets and wires which are attached to the surface of your teeth and designed to pull your teeth into a neater alignment. This is a discreet alternative to traditional orthodontic braces. They are the most effective at correcting much more complex conditions of the teeth and will do so without drawing any extra attention to your mouth.


If you have mild or moderate misalignment of the teeth then you may wish to speak to us and find out about clear aligners for correcting this. Invisalign is one of the most popular examples of clear aligners for teeth straightening. It works using thermoplastic aligners which are worn in the mouth and as the name suggests they are almost invisible. They work by pushing your teeth into a neater alignment, they are highly convenient as they can be taken out of your mouth and replaced as necessary. They are also more comfortable when worn and they are designed to fit over your teeth with accuracy and precision.

Speak to us at the surgery today to find out more about clear braces and which could be the most suitable for helping to address the misalignment issues of your teeth.

What are the differences between fixed and removable clear braces?

The availability of clear braces Clapham at Clapham South Dental Centre is a very effective way to help patients with orthodontic issues achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. clear-braces-clapham

Teeth that have grown in less than ideal positions or a too crowded mouth can trigger a plethora of undesirable consequences that can not only lead to poor oral health issues but also negatively impact overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Fortunately for patients, clear braces Clapham offers a forward-thinking approach to the teeth-straightening process. It is also fortunate that due to the diverse array of barely discernible braces in the market, patients now have a choice in which tool to use to straighten their teeth.

In this post, we answer the question on how to tell the difference between the various types of clear braces Clapham.

What sets fixed and removable clear braces apart

The most obvious difference between removable and fixed clear braces is how they look: removable clear braces are inherently aligner-like trays made from clear medical-grade plastic material while fixed clear braces resemble traditional metal braces except that they are made with clear wires and brackets.

The second difference patients should take note of is how they fit. With fixed braces, our dentist will affix the appliance to the teeth and carry out manual adjustments to the appliance throughout the treatment. A fixed orthodontic appliance takes the pressure off the patient from having to remember to wear the appliance after removing them.

A removable aligner tray is inserted by the patient to sit on their teeth for a minimum period of 22 hours a day. A set of trays will be provided when treatment commences, and it is up to the patient to remember to keep them safe when not worn and put them back on after eating and cleaning teeth.

The third difference is cleaning the braces. Removable aligner trays make oral hygiene easier and quicker. By simply removing the trays, patients can go ahead and clean their teeth as per normal. Fixed orthodontic appliances require a little more time and effort as patients have to carefully remove trapped food particles from in between wires and brackets.

Another significant difference for patients to take note of is how each type of device relates to their diet. With removable aligner trays, there are allowances for a more varied diet. As the device will be removed before eating, there is less concern of them becoming damaged by hard and crunchy foods.

Fixed braces have to remain on teeth for the entire duration of treatment; therefore, patients have to exercise caution when considering their diet. We can advise on which foods to avoid. It must be said that no matter which orthodontic device a patient opts for, it is best for all patients to stick to a tooth-friendly diet and avoid the frequent consumption of highly acidic and sugar-heavy foods.

Both fixed and removable clear braces have their ups and downs, and a patient should factor all of them in when deciding on which type to use. Moreover, not every patient will suit a device of their choice as their orthodontic situation and the results they want may dictate otherwise. Our experienced dentist at Clapham South Dental Centre can provide more clarity on which device would be most suitable for you, so schedule a consultation today by giving us a call.

Are you thinking about getting clear braces in Clapham?

Clear braces have become very popular in recent years with more and more people opting for them over other methods of straightening. But are clear braces for everyone and what are the fundamental differences between clear braces in Clapham and metal braces? When you visit your dentist they will be able to explain which plan will be right for you but in the meantime.clear-braces-clapham

Let’s compare clear braces to metal ones

Firstly, what are clear braces? The phrase clear braces actually refer to two types of braces: either they are made from a clear, rigid plastic that fits around your teeth in perfectly moulded trays or from a ceramic bracket that is blended to the colour of your teeth.

The major benefit of both these styles is it makes the process of straightening far less visually invasive so if you’ve chosen to straighten as an adult this can be a more socially subtle path to take. With metal braces they are only offered in grey or silver, if you would like to opt for the ceramic option braces can be made in any colour. Traditional metal braces are made up of metal brackets that are placed on top of your teeth using a special dental cement they are then bound together with wires and small rubber bands.

There is also a level of comfort wearing aligners that doesn’t come with metal braces. They are removable so you don’t need to worry about eating and food becoming trapped, and as the plastic is flush to the teeth there is no rubbing on the gums.

Comparing oral hygiene in braces

Clear braces in Clapham adjust teeth to be perfectly straight and result in a better teeth alignment. When teeth are perfectly straight it means they are easier to clean and less likely to build up tartar and plaque. When the teeth line has overlaps or crooked teeth it provides perfect areas for germs to build up which can lead to gum disease.

Braces apart from the clear aligner style are well known for triggering problems with your dental hygiene. They can cause inflammation and make maintaining a thorough cleaning difficult as brushing and flossing can become really difficult to do well. Metal braces can also rub against the skin in your mouth leading to sores.

What are the benefits of metal braces?

Metal braces are great at correcting lots of different types of alignment issues and there have been new technological developments such as heat-activated wires which can lead to even quicker changes.

Although they are not completely pain-free they are second-least painful compared to other options. With the teeth moving quicker it also means the discomfort can subside quicker.

They are less costly than clear braces in Clapham – when thinking about braces it could come down to cost and the benefit of metal braces is they are far less costly than aligners but have the same level of results.

When you visit your dentist at Clapham South Dental Center your dentist will be able to talk through the best option for you.

Removing visibility with clear braces Clapham

Discreet treatment without compromiseclear-braces-clapham

When seeking treatment for your misaligned teeth, the last thing you want to have is for a chunky and visible appliance to be attached to your mouth. Whilst in the past this type of appliance may have been the primary solution to straightening your smile, with modern advances within the dental world in terms of knowledge and technology, you can rest assured that you can effectively treat your wonky smile without the world knowing. This is where clear braces Clapham come in.

So what are the brace options and how do they work?

When looking into clear braces Clapham, you could easily get lost in a variety of solutions to manage your misalignment issue. With tooth realignment being a common orthodontic treatment to be had amongst both children and adults, it will come as no surprise that there are a variety of options available.

Invisalign is one popular method within adult realignment dentistry. These small, transparent aligners which are tailor-made from your own set of teeth allow patients to take control of the treatment process with few appointments in between. This popular method fits into daily life in a streamlined fashion and the treatment remains unnoticed by those around you.

Another popular method of realignment which stems from the more traditional brace method is to use more natural tooth-coloured or transparent brackets and wires. Using the same method of pulling the teeth into place through adjustments to the wires as opposed to the pushing method of the Invisalign aligners.

Alternatively, there are those that prefer the Inman aligners which use opposing aligner bows to adjust the positioning of the teeth.

These are just a few of the possible options available and as you begin your research with your dental team at Clapham South Dental Centre, you will begin to narrow down which method fits into your daily life most effectively, whilst efficiently realigning your crooked teeth.

Pain-free treatments?

Whilst at no point should you suffer severe pain during the realignment process, it is important to understand that some discomfort, such as a dull ache, may come into effect on and off throughout treatment. Whilst this is a completely natural occurrence when realigning the teeth, should you feel it impacting your day-to-day life in a negative way it is important to discuss the issue with your dental team. We are here to work together to get the results you are after and therefore any worries or concerns which may come to light need to be brought to our attention. After all, we are your other half within this partnership and we are all working towards the same end goal.

Contacting us today

The internet, a fountain of knowledge, can assist you with your search for the treatment of your misaligned teeth but, like all things, who knows whether the procedure will be right for you? This is where opening up a conversation with your dental team about clear braces Clapham can be a great help and ensure that the treatment you have is the most suitable.

Clear braces Clapham for better oral health

If you are unhappy with the look of your teeth and have been daydreaming about the before and after pictures that you may have seen on dental websites, then it is important for you to know that getting a beautiful and straight smile could be just as easy for you. Here at Clapham South Dental Centre, we want everyone to be happy and confident about their smile. Your dental health is our priority, and if you are prone to dental problems, we recommend that you visit us at least once every six months or more to make sure that your teeth are healthy and strong. By visiting us on a regular basis, you can make sure that your teeth are free of dental issues, and you could also speak to us to find out about improving the appearance of your teeth.clear-braces-clapham

Here at Clapham South Dental Centre, we understand that everyone would like straight, white teeth and a beautiful smile, yet most people suffer from a certain extent of dental misalignment. Some people undergo orthodontic treatment when they are younger however slowly the teeth may begin to become slightly crooked and require realignment with clear braces, whilst some people have had crooked teeth all their life and maybe looking to address the misalignment of their teeth with clear braces.

Clear braces as an alternative to traditional braces

Clear braces Clapham at Clapham South Dental Centre are an excellent choice for adults who are looking to improve the aesthetics of their teeth but are reluctant to wear traditional metal dental braces, which are known for being highly visible in the mouth.

Clear braces Clapham are a popular alternative, and you will be pleased to know that there are many different options to help correct the misalignment issues of your teeth. There are different types of braces to address varying degrees of misaligned teeth, and you can be sure that if you suffer from crooked teeth, we have the solution for you.

Clear braces Clapham are discreet and effective for straightening your teeth, so speak to our dentist at Clapham South Dental Centre today to find out which of these braces may be a suitable choice for you.

Clear braces Clapham can be either fixed braces or removable aligners. Fixed braces, such as the Damon system, make use of clear brackets with sliding metal archwires that gently push the teeth to create a naturally straighter and broader smile. Such braces work in a very similar way to traditional metal braces, helping to correct misalignment issues of the teeth. Removable aligners, such as Invisalign, use clear plastic aligners that can slot over your teeth and apply pressure to them, giving them a straighter, more neatly aligned formation over time. Here at Clapham South Dental Centre, our dentist can advise you on how to choose the right type of clear braces and will guide you in doing so. With our help, you will achieve a happier and healthier smile, so speak with us today to find out more about clear braces.

A guide to orthodontics; from clear braces to aligners

Do you want to have your teeth straightened as an adult but think that this will mean wearing a fitted, orthodontic brace?clear-braces-clapham

In the last 20 years, orthodontic care has come on leaps and bounds and now, it is easier than ever before for you to straighten your teeth discreetly and effectively. And at Clapham South Dental, we can help.

At Clapham South Dental, our team can offer our patients a myriad of different braces and aligners, including Invisalign and even clear braces Clapham, with each one chosen to get you the straighter smile you want in the shortest time frame. Great!

Here, our team at Clapham South Dental runs through the most commonly used types of orthodontic tools in our clinic, everything from standard to clear braces Clapham. So read on to learn more about this ever-expanding (and life-changing) area of dentistry!

Fitted braces

OK, so most people will know at least one person in their life who has worn fitted braces.

They are metal braces that are affixed to the front of your teeth and require tightening and adjusting to move the teeth.

And while they remain common in the treatment of misalignments for children and teenagers, thanks to advances in orthodontics, they are becoming rarer among adults. That is unless there is a more complex case of misalignment that requires the rotation of a tooth and/or the movement of molars. In cases of adult dental care, you may need to wear an orthodontic brace for 36 months, but this may vary depending on the complexity of your misalignments.

Clear appliances

Next, we come to clear braces Clapham, which are often confused with aligners.

However, when it comes to braces, clear ones are usually fitted but instead of the brackets that affix them to the teeth being made from metal, they may be clear or enamel coloured to keep appearances discrete. These braces also usually contain a thinner archwire, which once again, keeps them visually minimalistic.

As these braces are used across the spectrum of dental misalignments, you may need to wear them for between 6-36 months.

Lingual braces

Here we come to the most hidden of all of the fitted braces, the lingual brace.

Placed on the back of the teeth, this brace is practically invisible but allows us to manage more complex dental issues, without the discretion problems that often accompany fitted braces.

But, based on their position, they can be a bit fiddly and so, lingual braces take longer to fit and can be more difficult to clean. But don’t worry; our team will show you how to care for your lingual braces, which will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


And finally, we come to aligners!

You may have heard of these due to the infamy of brands like Invisalign. Removable, visually discrete and easy to clean, aligners are seen by many as the most discrete orthodontic tool and can be used to treat everything from overbites to spacing problems.

However, for an aligner to work, you need to wear it for at least 22 hours per day.

A guide to the Damon System clear braces

Are you looking for an effortless way to straighten your smile as an adult?clear-braces-clapham

At Clapham South Dental, we know how our adult and teenage patients want to get straighter smiles with as little fuss as possible and so we can offer many orthodontic solutions. We provide invisible and clear braces Clapham, such as the Damon System, helping you to get the smile you want in the most efficient way possible.

Here, we offer a brief guide to these clear braces Clapham, allowing you to decide if they might be the right treatment option for you.

What is the Damon System?

This brand of clear braces Clapham is a fitted brace, which utilises wires, brackets and a certain amount of adjusting to work.

Visually, it is quite similar to a standard brace, but the wires that are used tend to be thinner and the brackets that hold them to your teeth are also smaller. So visually, it is more discreet, but offers the same orthodontic power as a standard brace.

How do they work?

In short, the Damon System utilises many of the same principles as a fitted brace. However, it comes equipped with sliders, allowing your teeth to move as they need to, without applying too much tension.

While you may think that this increases treatment time, it speeds it up and can facilitate a faster movement of your teeth.

3 components

When it comes to the Damon System, it is physically a simpler brace for our team to use and thus, it can offer faster results.

There are 3 components of this brace that allow it to do this, which include the lack of tightening. As it doesn’t use plastic or metal ties, our team will not need to tighten it in the same way that we would with regular braces.

The lighter wires allow your teeth to move more easily too and with the palatal expanders, you may well be able to have them fitted without the need for any tooth extractions.

Treatment timescale

If our team has opted to fit you with the Damon System, it can take between 12-18 months for it to work.

Remember, this will vary depending on how extensive the dental misalignment being treated is. Should you need help with correcting alignment on your upper and lower jaw, this may require your molars to be moved, which can extend the process somewhat. Similarly, if you have a tooth or teeth that need to be rotated, this can also make the process take slightly longer.

Our team will be able to give you a more accurate timespan of how long the treatment will take following the initial consultation for having the Damon System fitted.

Caring for your braces

As these braces are fitted, it will require discipline to look after them and to keep your teeth in good condition.

To do this, we recommend avoiding overly sugary foods or beverages, brushing them with an electric toothbrush after each meal and using high fluoride toothpaste.

For more advice on how to care for these braces, please talk to our team.

Why opt for clear braces?

Maybe it is because they are barely detectable that there seems to be a mystery (from a patient’s perspective) shrouded around how clear braces Clapham work. Our dental practitioners at Clapham South Dental Centre field many questions from patients enquiring about clear braces Clapham as a suitable orthodontic solution.clear-braces-clapham

Orthodontics has become one of the most sought after dental treatments thanks to modern developments in orthodontic technologies and the fact that many patients are beginning to understand just how important properly aligned teeth are for their health.

We have an exciting array of orthodontic solutions available at our practice because we appreciate that no one-size-fits-all solution is good enough for our patients. Different patients will have different situations and needs; some will need minor alignment fixes while others will have moderate or severe conditions to treat.

Different transparent orthodontic devices each have their own unique set of features and benefits that can help patients achieve their orthodontic goals and align with a better-looking smile. In our range of clear braces Clapham, we offer Invisalign, Inman Aligner, Incognito and Cfast braces amongst others.

Reasons to choose clear braces

Here are some of the reasons why clear braces are a popular choice with patients:


Many patients are surprised to find that our transparent range of orthodontic devices is quite affordable and that the great smile they have always wanted is, in fact, within their reach. We have also made available interest free repayment plans for patients who would like to use this facility. Get in touch with us for more information.


Braces that can’t be seen? Yes, please! Patients may be more familiar with the clear aligner system, but we also have clear fixed braces that are mounted onto teeth. Transparent braces that are fixed can feature clear wires and brackets or be attached to the back of the teeth where they work out of sight.


We have used a variety of orthodontic devices to great effect, helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals for a more attractive and aligned smile. To help guide patients to the right orthodontic fit, we will need to carry out a complete oral health assessment. This will also allow us to determine a patient’s exact needs.


One of the best parts of straightening teeth is that this can now be a comfortable experience. This is not to say that many patients do not experience slight initial discomfort while they get used to wearing their orthodontic device. This is most usual and does not last for very long. If symptoms do persist for longer than expected, it is important to notify us as soon as possible.

No matter which type of orthodontic treatment plan you opt for, we have caring and competent dental professionals who will look after your teeth straightening process. Need to talk through our choices of exciting orthodontic tools? Schedule a professional consultation with one of our dental practitioners at Clapham South Dental Centre and experience the high-quality dental care we have to offer.

A look at clear braces

Were you a teenager who had crooked teeth, offered wire and metal braces as a way to correct them? Did you refuse to have treatment?clear-braces-clapham

Have you now grown into an adult with misaligned teeth?

We completely understand. Being offered traditional, but very efficient braces by a dentist or orthodontist in your teenage years to realign your crooked teeth must seem so unfair, as this is a time in life when we already feel vulnerable and sensitive. Being offered a brace during these years in our life can seem like a nasty twist of fate during a period when we want to develop confidence rather than have it undermined.

So, we end up thinking there is no way we will wear braces.

This thinking has led to many people who could have benefitted from tooth alignment treatment earlier in life taking the problem of misaligned teeth into adulthood, which could potentially lead to the creation of other dental issues. Many of these adults grow to believe that the window for receiving treatment has passed them by, this may not be accurate.

We at Clapham South Dental Centre want any potential adult patients with misaligned teeth to understand that there is a treatment option available to you, as we are offering the service of Clear Braces Clapham.

Rethinking tooth alignment treatment

As dental technology moved forward it was recognised that there was a need to redevelop areas of treatment where we could see resistance to engagement. The brace was redesigned and redeveloped, primarily to change the way it looked.

Gone, now for many, are the wire and metal braces that put some patients off, to be replaced by new devices. Some are made from two layers of clear plastic, making them invisible to the eyes of others and removable; others use ceramic, see-through or toothcoloured brackets and wires fixed onto teeth.This new technology is taken full advantage of by our service, Clear Braces Clapham.

Happy patients, engaging with treatment

Since offering these new clear braces we have experienced a rise in the voluntary uptake in tooth alignment treatment, by adults who may have needed this type of procedure for several years. Many have also reported being completely happy with the results, once completing the treatment, and have stated they would recommend this path to anyone who has misaligned teeth.

Why live with the issues caused by misaligned teeth?

Several issues have strong associations with misaligned teeth, many of which can be eased or eliminated by undergoing tooth alignment treatment. It is well known that those living with crooked or protruding teeth are more likely to have a higher risk of tooth decay or gum disease, as they may struggle to clean their teeth correctly with brushing or flossing.

Another common issue with misaligned teeth is the experience of weakness in the bite, which can result in problems when chewing and eating. This may lead to someone avoiding some foods, as they are perceived to be hard to eat.

Tooth alignment treatment can help with these problems.

Change your thinking

If you are living with misaligned teeth, we at Clapham South Dental Centre invite you to contact us to ask about Clear Braces Clapham. Our reception staff are waiting for your call and will be more than happy to take you through the process of booking a consultation with someone on our dental team.