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Personalised treatment is available at Clapham Dental:Invisalign braces

Crooked or misaligned teeth can affect your confidence, your speech and even your bite.

There is an understandable worry when patients come to visit us about having their teeth straightened. Images of large, metal braces are not an appealing option for most people. Our customers often worry about how metal braces will appear and how they will impact their speech.

invisalign-braces-claphamInvisalign braces

Luckily, at Aura Dental, we have the solution.

Invisalign braces are a modern alternative to traditional braces and are extremely effective at straightening teeth without any pain or inconvenience. Our team of dentists are trained in helping you with the Invisalign straightening system and can explain each step of the process to you.

Benefits of Invisalign treatment

Of course, there is the obvious benefit of undergoing Invisalign treatment, the braces are not noticeable to the naked eye and are suitably discreet. Through our years of helping our customers with this treatment option, our team has been told of the other benefits of Invisalign too.


Metal braces are often uncomfortable for many people.

They are bulky and can rub against the inside of the mouth, which can cause sores or ulcers. Many people report that they are difficult to wear comfortably in bed, as the cheek presses against them in the night. Also, many orthodontists will need to ‘tighten’ your braces, which involves pulling your teeth into a different position, this can be exceedingly uncomfortable.

Invisalign braces in Clapham are thinner, can be removed and gently nudge your teeth into the desired position. When you begin treatment, you will be given different sets of braces for different stages of your treatment, so your teeth will never be pulled or forced into an unnatural position suddenly, making the overall experience much more pleasant.


Having metal wire in your mouth has obvious safety issues.

Metal, when worn down, can become sharp and cause puncture wounds or scratches on the inside of your mouth. This in turn can lead to infections, not something that anyone wants to go through.

Invisalign braces in Clapham are made of a clear, flexible and smooth material, meaning there is no protruding metal or possibility of it wearing down.


When undergoing brace-based treatments, it used to be difficult to accurately predict how your teeth would look at the end of the process. This could cause uncertainty and worry about how the process would work.

When you undergo Invisalign treatment, our dentists will use scans, 3D based computer technology and imaging systems to outline to you the different stages of the process and to predict accurately how the position of your teeth will change throughout.

This predictability creates reassurance and many of our customers report feeling at ease when they can see that their teeth are changing to fit the 3D models.

These are just some of the reasons to choose Invisalign when choosing to have your teeth straightened.

Call our team today to see if Invisalign treatment is for you!

Looking for dental implants in Clapham?

If you are new to the area and looking for a dentist who can provide dental implants, you should try Clapham South Dental Centre – we’re passionate about looking after your teeth. At Clapham South Dental Centre our highly trained dentists excel at providing a warm and caring approach to their dentistry, because patient care is always at the forefront of everything we do.

clapham-dental-implantsWho are we and what do we offer?

Our team of highly qualified and specialist dentists here at Clapham South Dental Centre represent dental excellence in a wide range of dentistry. We employ an integrated and team-lead approach to our dentistry, as having such a multitude of dental excellence all on hand and all under one roof allows us to provide a truly exceptional level of dental service to our patients. We accept patients from other dental practices who have been referred to us for specialist orthodontics and dental implants. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatment including routine and preventive dentistry including check-ups and general dentistry.  We believe in giving patients the choice when it comes to their dental treatment so we offer both NHS and private dentistry. Every person is an individual and so their smiles are as individual as they are, this is why we believe it is important to  take the time to really get to know our patients, so we can really understand what they would like to achieve.

What are dental implants?

Sometimes however, and despite our best efforts, brushing alone is not enough to maintain our teeth and smile, and you may find that you will need restorative dentistry including dental implants in Clapham.

Dental implants in Clapham are an almost permanent and well established solution to treating missing, broken and damaged teeth, as well providing stabilisation for dentures. If your teeth are missing or beyond viable repair a specialist dentist will place a titanium post into your gum which will, in time, become fused and integrated within the gum. This is a routine and well established procedure and is carried out by specially trained dentists. The titanium post, when in place, will act as a firm anchor and a long term replacement for missing and damaged teeth. Your specialist dentist will then be able to create a new beautiful smile using crowns, bridges and dentures, which look, function and feel like natural teeth. It  is always rewarding to see our patients radiate a new found confidence and sense of well-being when having  undergone this procedure to create a new fabulous smile.

Why do I need them ?

Once your teeth are replaced there is no need to hide your mouth when you smile, because of unsightly or missing teeth, we understand how embarrassing and awkward this must be for you both in business and in social settings. There are many reasons why people come to see us wanting to receive implants, you are not alone. We are specialists at making sure you get the right treatment which will be tailored just for you and we will make sure we will soon get you smiling again. In order to help, we offer a range of payment options to cover the cost of your treatment, including interest free finance.

What can I expect from a dentist in Clapham?

Whether you need a dentist to maintain your teeth, gums and healthy smile, or invisible braces to get you smiling again, Clapham South Dental Centre has got you covered. Clapham South Dental Centre is so much more than a run of the mill dental practice. We are the go-to dentist in the Clapham area and beyond. Why? Well for good reason, firstly we employ a dedicated team of professional dentists who bring a variety of specialist skills together under one roof. Secondly we are known for offering an unparalleled level of patient care.

invisible-braces-claphamWhat dental treatments do we offer ?

We employ a highly trained team of dentists and we offer a variety of routine dental treatments including preventive and restorative dentistry and beyond. What makes Clapham South Dental Centre special is that it is really is a centre for dental excellence. We have a large amount of dental expertise on hand, which is available across a whole spectrum of dental treatments. This ensures that no matter what area of dentistry our patient is in need of, we can say with certainty that we have the expertise on hand to deal with it in house. We also have dentists who specialise in all areas of cosmetic dentistry including orthodontics, invisalign and implant surgery for crowns and bridges.. We also accept referrals from other dentists looking for specialist treatment for their patients in orthodontics and implant surgery., Our staff are highly trained and approachable and we love to make sure that our patients feel valued and appreciated as individuals. We know that our patients’ smiles are as individual as they are.

Why might I need invisible braces in Clapham.

We are not all born with straight perfect teeth, very few of us are. Sometimes our teeth do not always do what we want them to do and some of us have crooked teeth or too many, with crowded smiles and we need to turn to an orthodontist for a solution.

Gone are the days when the only method of bringing your teeth together in the right position to create that radiant smile was the use of metal braces. Let’s face it, they are not the best fashion accessory! There has been a huge leap forward in orthodontics recently and now we can offer almost invisible braces in Clapham which do the same job, but in a much more discreet way. Invisible braces now come in many shapes and sizes and can be removable, depending on how you need them to be. People are abandoning the traditional brace as their new counterparts, invisible braces, offer a far more convenient and aesthetically pleasing way of doing things. They can be removed for eating, cleaning and for special occasions, but need to be kept in for a large portion of the day and night. It is important to stress that invisible removable braces are not for everyone. For teeth which require a significant level of alignment then traditional fixed braces offer the most effective solution. Your dentist will be able to advise you of the best treatment for you. However if your teeth just need a little persuasion to form part of that knock out smile, then Invisalign or one of our other treatments might be just what you need!

Let Clapham South Dental Centre really give you something to smile about!

Clapham South Dental Centre is a fully integrated dental practice and a whole lot more. With a dedicated team of highly trained and expert dentists all practicing in one facility we are able to offer dental excellence across a wide spectrum of dental treatments, ensuring amazing patient outcomes, day in day out.

clapham-clear-bracesClapham South Dental Centre offer an integrated and team focused method of dentistry, with a high degree of patient care intermingled within the very fabric and ethos of the practice. From the outset we strongly advocate preventive dentistry as the front line defence for healthy teeth, and we cater for patients both young and old with first class routine and general dentistry. More than this, we offer orthodontic treatment.

I was born with crooked teeth what can I do

We are not all born with a perfect smile and flawlessly straight teeth, in fact few of us are. When it comes to creating a beautiful smile it is important that our teeth are in alignment and in the right position to start with The standard, and in fact until recently, the only solution for this was fixed braces. We all know these metal braces, the ones with adjustable wires and fixings, which need continual dental visits in order to achieve the desired results, and let’s face it, are not the most pleasant accessory. Recent advances in orthodontics have provided several options which make the whole process not only a lot more discreet, but a whole lot more convenient and easier to manage. To start with, clear braces in Clapham provide the same end result, but are much less visible. Clear braces in Clapham have grown in popularity in recent times and our patients feel a lot more comfortable wearing them. Invisalign, for one, represents a truly revolutionary leap in orthodontics offering clear braces in Clapham which are custom made aligners, barely visible and removable for brushing and eating. You will need a number of Invisalign tooth aligners on your journey to straight teeth and a fabulous smile, with the average treatment time being between 6 to18 months. On initial consultation your specialist dentist will take a mould of your teeth which is then fed into a computer which will generate a virtual reality model of your teeth Your dentist can then use their expertise to design a series of custom made teeth aligners made especially for you. This method has been the preferred solution to obtaining a fabulous smile for many  A-Listers and celebrities for many years. Other types of clear braces are otherwise known as ceramic braces. These braces can provide the precise results of traditional braces, but are constructed so as to have either transparent or tooth coloured brackets. This makes them unobtrusive to the casual observer and their performance is extremely efficient.

Will it cost a fortune to have clear braces?

It has now become more affordable and available to you now.  We offer convenient and easy interest free finance, allowing you to spread the cost of your treatments with easy monthly payments. Why not get in touch today and see how Clapham South Dental Centre can put you on the road to a fabulous smile?

Can you identify the key differences between Invisalign and traditional dental braces?

Since its appearance on the dental scene, this barely detectable thermoplastic aligner tray, that offers the huge advantage of being easily removed from the mouth by the patient themselves, has changed the face of teeth correcting dental treatments. At Clapham South Dental Centre we have seen a stratospheric rise in enquiries about Invisalign in Clapham, from adult patients in particular, who now have the hope to straighten their teeth without having to feel awkward about wearing braces. We find it useful for patients to know what separates these relatively new dental appliances from their more traditional older cousins – the fixed metal braces.

Invisalign in Clapham3 Significant ways that sets clear plastic aligners apart

There are a number of technological advancements that sets Invisalign in Clapham apart from more common place dental appliances. These critical differences impact the way these removable aligners work, influencing the cost factor and the duration of teeth straightening treatment. Some of these ways are as follows:

  1. Materials used

The materials used in the manufacture of Invisalign in Clapham are unique and contribute to the effectiveness of the dental appliance’s positive reputation for shifting teeth into the correct position, while eliminating the common challenges of more orthodox treatment methods (easier and quicker to clean mouth, reduced discomfort, no adjustments need to be made).

  1. A sequence of trays as opposed to one set of braces

Instead of wearing one set of braces throughout treatment, patients are expected to wear a succession of plastic trays that are custom made for each patient. Each set is responsible for making slight adjustments to obtain the desired result which is why there is no need for a dental practitioner to make manual adjustments.

  1. Removable vs fixed

The design of the plastic aligner trays makes it possible for these trays to be quickly removed from the mouth and reinserted. Patients have this choice to enable them to eat all types of foods and take the challenge out of keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy. For these plastic trays to work their optimal best they need to be kept in the mouth for a minimum number of hours. Our dental practitioners suggest that this is between 20 and 22 hours, leaving a very small window for them to be removed.

Like traditional orthodontic appliances, there are rules that have to be adhered to. These include:

  • Avoid chewing gum while wearing the trays.
  • Avoid smoking while wearing the trays as these can be prone to staining.
  • Do clean your teeth and gums before reinserting aligner trays.
  • Do take careful care of the trays as they can be damaged.

The cost of removable aligners varies as each patient’s case is judged according to your individual needs, the nature of your problem and your desired objective. To know the exact cost of your treatment, book a consultation at Clapham South Dental Centre today. Our dental practitioners will determine the best course of dental action for you.

Facial areas that can be improved by Botox injections

Have you heard of facial injections but not quite sure what it does or why it is used? At Clapham South Dental Centre, our dental practitioners are qualified to administer these facial injections that are aimed at offering patients a more youthful appearance. Tell-Tale signs such as wrinkles have become the scourge of facial aesthetics for the same reasons that greying hair has to be dyed – these are the most common visible signs of ageing.

Botox in ClaphamBotox in Clapham is derived from Botulinum Toxin Type A, to produce a therapeutic treatment that influences muscle activity. This type of aesthetic treatment is administered in small doses and it is best for patients to choose a skilled and experienced practitioner to administer the injections. This is critical to avoid any complications from occurring. At first the treatment was used mainly for treating conditions such as eye spasms and misalignment of the eye, but now has become widely used in cosmetic applications.

Common facial areas where anti-ageing injectable fillers are used

  • Area between the eyebrows

In the glabella area – the area between the eyebrows, is where the corrugators muscles, also called vestigial muscles, can be found. Once these muscles played an important role in presenting a scowling appearance (this type of body language was useful in instilling fear in the enemy). This function has now become obsolete in the modern era.

  • Forehead

The appearance of horizontal lines and vertical wrinkles are commonly found in the middle section of the forehead. Injectable fillers effectively smoothen out these issues.

Other injection sites also include:

  • Outer area of the brow
  • Lateral Orbital Lines also referred to as Crow’s feet area
  • Dimpled or rumpled chins (chin dents)
  • Perioral Lines alternatively known as Smoker’s Lines
  • Bunny lines or otherwise the lines alongside the nose
  • Muscles located around the mouth
  • The neck although only in select patients
  • Certain areas in the body where sweat glands are located: palms, under arms and backs of knees and soles of the feet.

Benefits of Botox in Clapham

Facial injectable fillers have become a go-to anti-ageing product due to a number of highly sought after benefits that they offer patients. These skin-enhancing benefits include:

  • Minimizing the appearance of wrinkles (eyes and lips)
  • Improving the appearance of fine lines
  • Eliminating distracting horizontal lines
  • Elevate eyebrows to augment facial symmetry
  • Used to lower the upper lip to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile
  • Reduce the need for a neck lift by moderating vertical bands found in the neck area
  • Smooth out dimpled chins
  • Reduce excessive sweating

Think Botox in Clapham can benefit you? Book a consultation at Clapham South Dental Centre and one of our dental practitioners will be happy to carry out an evaluation and determine where the best injection site is to give you the results you want. Our dental practitioners are very familiar with administering injections in the facial area, and together with our sound knowledge of facial muscles, our dentists are best placed to carry out safe and effective injectable filler procedures. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Top reasons to choose Cfast braces

Whether you need to enhance your smile for personal reasons or improve your prospects professionally, one of the new dental appliances in the market – Cfast – focuses on producing desired results relatively quickly. For many patients, the time it takes for this type of dental appliance to work is six months. Many adult patients consider a short treatment duration a critical factor. At Clapham South Dental Centre we know how important fast effective results are to our patients which is why we offer a wide choice in teeth straightening treatments – both traditional and newer dental appliances  – for more sensational smiles. As part of our range of invisible braces in Clapham we offer the Cfast treatment method..

Invisible Braces in ClaphamThe Cfast treatment method

The six front teeth located on the upper and lower dental arch is commonly referred to as the ‘smile zone’ as these teeth (when correctly aligned) form the basis of what is considered a brilliant smile. The Cfast dental appliance is designed to work on this smile zone, straightening teeth in a rapid manner. These front teeth are known to be easier and quicker to shift into alignment as they have a single root and comparatively thinner bone structure than other bones found in the mouth. It is this factor that largely influences the dental appliance’s speedy efforts.

Convenient and fast, this type of invisible braces in Clapham work best for patients with teeth alignment problems such as slight overcrowding, small sized gaps in the dental arch and toothy grins.

Benefits of Cfast dental axppliances

There are many reasons, apart from the quick results they provide, that patients choose Cfast. Other benefits that promote this type of dental appliance with patients include:

  • This dental appliance is non-invasive and discreet as the dental brackets are made of clear material and tooth coloured metal wires. Patients find their confidence levels soar knowing they are taking care of their oral health without having to wear distracting and embarrassing dental appliances.
  • There is less likelihood of patients developing speech impediments or experiencing difficulties in eating.
  • Due to the shorter treatment times, cost becomes more affordable.
  • Comfort. As only the front teeth are affected during treatment and the force needed to shift them into the required position is minimal, wearing these types of invisible braces in Clapham are found to be generally more comfortable than other types of orthodontic appliances.
  • Simple and straightforward. The dental devices are attached to the teeth so there is no need to stress about them going missing or changing them.

Patients should bear in mind that Cfast, like other orthodontic devices, need to be cleaned religiously in addition to cleaning teeth and gums. Seeing that Cfast can only be used for a limited number of oral alignment problems, the dental appliance may not be suitable for every patient. To determine your suitability, your situation will need to be assessed by one of our dental practitioners at Clapham South Dental Centre. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

Here’s how to determine if you are a suitable candidate for clear braces in Clapham

While there is certainly a wider range of orthodontic braces to choose from nowadays, we at Clapham South Dental Centre like to make our patients aware that not all treatments types may be suitable for every patient. One of the clear braces in Clapham treatment types most frequently asked about at our dental clinic is Invisalign. The ease of use, comfort and discreteness of this dental device are the top factors for the treatment’s popularity.

Clear Braces in ClaphamCrooked smiles Invisalign can fix

One of the major factors in determining a patient’s suitability for this type of clear braces in Clapham is the severity of your crooked smile. The dental device is used for a myriad range of teeth and bite issues, but may not be suitable if these issues are severe or complex. Generally, the following dental conditions can be treated:

  • Spaces between teeth

Gaps between teeth are a cause for concern as food can easily become trapped in them and lead to other dental issues like tender gums and advanced gum disease.

  • A crowded mouth

Overcrowding does not leave sufficient space in the dental arches to accommodate teeth comfortably. This is worrying for a number of reasons. Firstly teeth and gums become more difficult to clean and as a result, a patient can quite easily accumulate plaque build-up. Other reasons include teeth becoming encouraged to overlap or forced out of position.

  • Overbite

This is a common malocclusion condition where the upper dental arch overlaps the lower arch. Patients usually experience jaw pain due to teeth putting undue pressure on the jaw.

  • Underbite

Another bite issue that causes difficulty in chewing and speaking is the underbite. An underbite is defined as the front teeth in the lower dental arch jutting out in front of the front upper teeth.

  • Crossbite

Patients with a crossbite find that their upper teeth are sitting in the unusual position of inside the lower arch as opposed to the outside of the lower teeth. The damage caused by this condition include chipped teeth, gum recession and bone loss.

  • Open bite

When you close your mouth, it is normal for the teeth on the upper and lower arches to touch. Sometimes this does not happen and this is referred to as an open bite. The condition can present chewing difficulties when biting into hard and crunchy food types.

Other influential factors include:

  • A patient’s willpower or determination to commit to our dental practitioner’s guidelines on wearing Invisalign retainers.

Whilst the most commonly known fact about the device is that it is removable, many of our patients are surprised to find out that they are only allowed to remove them for a limited number of hours.

  • Age

The thermoplastic aligners are able to be fitted for older teenagers and adult patients.

Only a dental practitioner can evaluate a patient’s case accurately and determine their suitability for clear braces in Clapham. If you have one of the teeth or bite problems mentioned above and want to know if Invisalign can help you fix it, then please contact us at Clapham South Dental Centre.

Why patients are asking about Invisalign in Clapham

We all have something about our smile we don’t like, whether that’s staining, chips, cracks or crooked teeth, there’s always something we want to improve about those pearly whites. One treatment our patients are using to straighten up their smiles is the use of invisible braces.

Here are a few reasons why our patients are coming in for Invisalign in Clapham.

Invisalign in ClaphamBrief outline

For those that are not familiar with this type of treatment, here is a brief outline of what it involves. This procedure is essentially the fitting of a mouth brace that you swap over with other braces over time, each one slightly altered to the movement of your teeth. Through a gentle application of pressure this apparatus will slowly realign your crooked teeth to a more natural and agreeable position in your mouth.

What to expect

The process of being fitted for Invisalign in Clapham is relatively quick and comfortable, which is a big selling point to a lot of patients who are not particularly keen on treatments involving invasive dental procedures. Once you’ve booked an appointment at our practice, your dentist will discuss the steps that will be involved, then using high tech scanning equipment they will create a series of 3D images of your mouth.

With this computer-generated picture your dentist will be able to map out how your teeth will be moved and how your straightened smile will look at that the end of the procedure. At Clapham South Dental Centre, we will do our best to give you that perfectly straight smile that you deserve.

Advantages to clear braces

If you’re still undecided about Invisalign in Clapham here are a few benefits to the treatment that might change your mind.

To start with, the braces are made from a see-through material which renders them invisible. This helps eliminate any feelings of low self-confidence at having to wear orthodontic gear out in public. Secondly, the braces are removable and easy to clean. Just use a small amount of aligner cleaning solution and then use a toothbrush to lightly scrub this over the brace once every other day.

Treatment tips

After you have the braces fitted here are a few facts to keep in mind to make sure your treatment goes off without a hitch.

First, when you’re removing the braces to clean them try to not take too long. The braces need to stay in your mouth for at least 22 hours a day, leaving them out for too long could negatively impact your realignment. Also, there is probably going to be some mild discomfort as pressure is being placed on your teeth. We recommend you buy some over-the-counter pain relief to address this when and if you need to.

Finally, if the guard is removed from your mouth we recommend you keep it in a hard bodied container to ensure it remains sterile and to prevent any accidental damage.

These are just a few interesting facts about our invisible brace’s treatment. Hopefully this has helped clear a few things about it. If you’re looking to improve your smile and straighten up a few of those crooked teeth contact the practice and book your next appointment now.

Ease off some wrinkles with Botox in Clapham

We all want to look our best as we look older, but sadly there’s no stopping Father Time as we all start to get little wrinkles here and there. Although there’s no physical way to stop the ageing process, there are options to limit its effects aesthetically. One particular treatment patients try is Botox.

Here’s a brief outline of why we’re seeing more people coming in for Botox in Clapham and why you might want to consider it.

Botox in ClaphamWhat is it?

Everyone at some point has heard of this treatment, whether it’s in movies, TV or following the tweets of a celebrity, it’s a fairly common practice. But, for those that have never heard of it the procedure involves using a series of injected chemicals to remedy a number of facial issues.

Although it’s mostly used to reduce wrinkles, it can also be used by your dentist to treat bruxism, problems with the lip line, clenching, hypertrophy and a range of other dental diseases. Because of this it’s becoming a fairly common choice of treatment at a number of practices.

What does the treatment involve?

When you first come in for a procedure our talented Clapham South Dental Centre team will take you through everything you need to know about your treatment. We will make sure you feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. After explaining how the treatment will work and what’s to be expected you will then have a series of injections put into your facial muscles.

These chemicals will then attach to the nerve endings that control these parts of your face and over a few days the signals to these areas that cause muscle contractions will be blocked. Since it’s the motor neurons that are blocked you still will be able to feel the area. These signals will continue to be blocked for around four months or so, at which point you may need to come back in for a top-up.

Advice after treatment

After you have left your appointment for Botox in Clapham here are a couple bits of advice we have for you. The most important is that there is a small chance the chemicals can spread through your body, the signs of this are urinary incontinence, problems with breathing, swallowing and muscle weakness. If any of these signs appear then you need to contact medical help immediately before your symptoms worsen.

There is also a chance you could build up an immunity to the substance, this can happen if you receive too many repeat high doses. If this is the case, you may be offered a different form of treatment to achieve the same kind of results. So, try to get used to the injections to make it a little easier on yourself.

Hopefully this has helped clear up a few facts about this treatment. If you think you might qualify for it or are interested in seeing if it’s worth your time, then try asking your dentist on your next appointment at our practice.