Invisalign – invisible braces in Clapham

Everyone wants beautiful straight teeth, however, most people do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment to achieve this. Traditional orthodontic braces can draw further attention to your mouth, as they are made up of metal wires and brackets which are attached to the front of your teeth. This treatment usually lasts from six months up to a few years and although it is highly effective for teeth straightening the majority of adults are reluctant to choose traditional orthodontic treatment and would rather settle for the appearance of their smile as it is. There has been much research and development to help combat this attitude.


Invisible braces

Over the last few decades there have been significant advances in dental technology to help people address the misalignment issues of their teeth without drawing attention to their mouth. Invisible braces Clapham are a highly popular alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening. There are different types of invisible braces Clapham to suit all dental requirements and personal preferences. It is never too late to address any misalignment of your teeth and by doing so, not only will you improve the appearance of your smile, but you will also promote better dental health for the rest of your life. With orthodontic dental treatment it is important that you have healthy teeth and gums. It is vital that you maintain good oral hygiene and that you visit your dentist on a regular basis so that your teeth are free of decay or disease. You will need to book an appointment with our dentist here at Clapham South Dental Centre and we will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to make sure that there are no underlying issues.

If you have healthy teeth and gums then our dentist will carry out a smile assessment to find out which type of invisible braces Clapham are most suitable for you. We are able to offer you fixed invisible braces Clapham for correcting extensive orthodontic issues or we can offer you removable invisible braces to help address minor misalignment of your teeth.

Invisalign in Clapham

Invisalign aligners are one of the most popular types of invisible braces available. Introduced in 1999, in the last two decades Invisalign aligners have been used to correct millions of smiles across the world. Invisalign continues to grow in popularity thanks to its convenience and discretion. As the name suggests, Invisalign aligners are clear thermoplastic trays which neatly straighten your teeth in an unobtrusive and subtle way. They are individually manufactured to move your teeth over the course of 3 months to 18 months depending on the extent of misalignment that you begin with. Invisalign aligners are highly convenient as they can be taken out of your mouth and replaced as necessary. They are easy to clean and maintain and they are designed to be worn for around 22 hours of the day, taken out when enjoying your meals or cleaning your teeth. Speak to us at the practice today to find out more about Invisalign and other invisible braces to address the aesthetic issues that are affecting your teeth.

What are the differences between fixed and removable clear braces?

The availability of clear braces Clapham at Clapham South Dental Centre is a very effective way to help patients with orthodontic issues achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. clear-braces-clapham

Teeth that have grown in less than ideal positions or a too crowded mouth can trigger a plethora of undesirable consequences that can not only lead to poor oral health issues but also negatively impact overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Fortunately for patients, clear braces Clapham offers a forward-thinking approach to the teeth-straightening process. It is also fortunate that due to the diverse array of barely discernible braces in the market, patients now have a choice in which tool to use to straighten their teeth.

In this post, we answer the question on how to tell the difference between the various types of clear braces Clapham.

What sets fixed and removable clear braces apart

The most obvious difference between removable and fixed clear braces is how they look: removable clear braces are inherently aligner-like trays made from clear medical-grade plastic material while fixed clear braces resemble traditional metal braces except that they are made with clear wires and brackets.

The second difference patients should take note of is how they fit. With fixed braces, our dentist will affix the appliance to the teeth and carry out manual adjustments to the appliance throughout the treatment. A fixed orthodontic appliance takes the pressure off the patient from having to remember to wear the appliance after removing them.

A removable aligner tray is inserted by the patient to sit on their teeth for a minimum period of 22 hours a day. A set of trays will be provided when treatment commences, and it is up to the patient to remember to keep them safe when not worn and put them back on after eating and cleaning teeth.

The third difference is cleaning the braces. Removable aligner trays make oral hygiene easier and quicker. By simply removing the trays, patients can go ahead and clean their teeth as per normal. Fixed orthodontic appliances require a little more time and effort as patients have to carefully remove trapped food particles from in between wires and brackets.

Another significant difference for patients to take note of is how each type of device relates to their diet. With removable aligner trays, there are allowances for a more varied diet. As the device will be removed before eating, there is less concern of them becoming damaged by hard and crunchy foods.

Fixed braces have to remain on teeth for the entire duration of treatment; therefore, patients have to exercise caution when considering their diet. We can advise on which foods to avoid. It must be said that no matter which orthodontic device a patient opts for, it is best for all patients to stick to a tooth-friendly diet and avoid the frequent consumption of highly acidic and sugar-heavy foods.

Both fixed and removable clear braces have their ups and downs, and a patient should factor all of them in when deciding on which type to use. Moreover, not every patient will suit a device of their choice as their orthodontic situation and the results they want may dictate otherwise. Our experienced dentist at Clapham South Dental Centre can provide more clarity on which device would be most suitable for you, so schedule a consultation today by giving us a call.

Why do patients prefer Invisalign?

It was not too long ago when the only orthodontic appliance used to straighten teeth were fixed metal braces. Thanks to a forward-thinking approach to orthodontics, patients are now spoilt for choice with a plethora of exciting teeth-straightening options, including Invisalign Clapham. invisalign-clapham

As a long-standing dental practice, we at Clapham South Dental Centre know well that today’s patients look for customised, efficacious and convenience-focused dental treatments, which is why we are delighted to offer high-quality treatment options such as Invisalign Clapham.

Why are patients so drawn to the appeal of Invisalign Clapham? What does this system offer that makes it an increasingly popular choice for both patients and dental practitioners? Here, we take a look at some of the looked-for benefits of Invisalign.

Marvellous reasons to choose Invisalign

The first advantage of significant importance to patients on the Invisalign system is that the aligner trays are removable. This feature easily allows for fuss-free oral hygiene routines and the freedom to eat a more inclusive diet.

How this works is that patients are allowed a two-hour maximum period (for some patients this can extend to four) during the day within which they must eat and clean their teeth. Along with this convenience comes the need to practise restraint (no lingering over meals and snacking at will). Patients will also have to ensure that they adhere strictly to the time for removing the aligner trays.

There is hardly any patient who does not appreciate the discretion of these aligner trays. It is quite common for teens and adult patients to be more self-conscious about making it known that they are on orthodontic treatment, and the transparency of the clear plastic material the aligners are made of helps to obscure this fact. Invisalign patients can go about their day with ease knowing that the aligner trays are barely noticeable.

Another factor worth taking into consideration is that the system affords patients unrivalled control over their own treatment plans. It is up to the patients to comply with the guidelines for use as advised by our supervising dentist. Not only do patients need to ensure they wear the aligners for the minimum prescribed number of hours, but they must also follow the interchange schedule for each aligner tray in the series provided.

In addition to this, patients come to appreciate the fact that due to their responsibility in changing the aligners according to the schedule, they do not have to attend frequent dental appointments. As each tray has been deliberately designed to move teeth into desirable positions, there is no need for manual adjustments to be made by our dental practitioner.

While such desirable benefits are great reasons to make Invisalign the orthodontic solution of choice, there are a few things to know about choosing these removable aligners. Of prime importance is the safe storage of the aligner trays when they are not being worn. This is to protect the trays from damage and prevent loss – both of which are crucial if a patient is to avoid interrupting their treatment plans. To discuss what this treatment plan involves, please set up an appointment with our dentist by giving us a call at Clapham South Dental Centre.

Are dental implants a suitable option for replacing missing teeth?

Few patients realise that there are other undesirable repercussions that follow when adult teeth are lost. It is not just the unsightly gaps in the dental arch that are created when teeth fall out that is of concern. Losing teeth holds a great risk for overall dental health and poses a danger to physical and mental

The problems caused by a gap open in the dental arch range from an increased risk of losing more teeth, existing teeth moving out of place, problems with the bite and gums, and a loss in jawbone density. Modern dental restorations solutions like dental implants Clapham can assist in avoiding all the issues listed, as well as improve masticatory function.

At Clapham South Dental Centre, patients can look forward to innovative dental solutions to replace missing teeth. Our implant dentist is well-experienced in offering top-quality dental implants Clapham. For patients wanting to know whether tooth replacement implants are a suitable dental restoration method for them, here are a few excellent reasons why we think they are.

Excellent reasons to consider dental implants Clapham

Tooth replacement implants offer better oral health

There is no equal to dental implants to offer the much-needed support to neighbouring teeth and underlying structures such as the jawbone. When teeth move out of their natural position because gaps are left open, this can create undue wear and tear on the dental arch during biting and chewing. Without tooth roots to keep jawbone quality strong, the jawbone can lose density and bone reabsorption can take place.

Dental implants allow patients to enjoy a varied dietary menu

Patients with missing teeth do not have the same masticatory force as those with a complete dental arch. These patients often have to sacrifice eating certain types of food like nutrient-dense crunchy fruits and vegetables. With reliable dental restorations, patients can once again opt for a diverse array of food and strengthen their nutritional intake.

Tooth implants achieve a desirable natural aesthetic appeal

This missing teeth replacement solution is a great option as it comes the closest to looking and feeling like natural teeth. Patients on implant treatment plans can smile, talk, eat, laugh and socialise with undiluted confidence.

Taking care of dental implants

One of the top priorities for patients choosing tooth replacement implants is observing the recommended guidelines on how to care for them. The high efficacy of dental implants remains unquestioned, but for patients to see long-term use, they need to be vigilant about implant maintenance.

Fortunately, this is easy to do as caring for implants is as simple as caring for natural teeth. The following guidelines are non-negotiable: daily brushing and flossing, avoiding bad lifestyle behaviours, such as smoking, and routine professional dental checkups. Meet these golden dental rules and you can enjoy your implants for an extended length of time.

To discuss the benefits of dental implants further or for a professional assessment to determine your suitability, reach out to our team at Clapham South Dental Centre. Our staff at the reception desk will be happy to set up an appointment for you.

What types of invisible braces are there?

Progressive dental technologies have brought about a revolution in how patients can revitalise their smiles for enhanced physical confidence with the introduction of invisible braces Clapham. With the availability of invisible braces Clapham, patients can embark on their teeth-straightening process without the worry of having the whole world know of it.invisible-braces-clapham

Adult patients who have roles that require social interactions and need their teeth straightened have been quick to embrace orthodontic appliances that are discreet and barely discernible to others.

Our friendly dentists at Clapham South Dental Centre support patients who want comfortable and convenient orthodontic solutions and are delighted to make available an array of invisible braces Clapham for patients to choose from. In this post, we take a look at what patients can expect in the range of invisible braces available.

Different types of invisible braces within easy reach

The type of invisible braces that most patients who walk through our doors enquire about is Invisalign. The Invisalign system embraces the use of aligner-like trays made of intuitive medical grade plastic that can be customised for each patient. Each patient on this treatment plan will receive a specific number of trays (depending on their orthodontic situation) that will reposition teeth to achieve the desired result. What is fascinating about the trays is that they are designed to be removed by the patient; therefore, they offer a convenient option for patients who qualify for this orthodontic solution.

Not all invisible braces are designed to be removable. Ceramic and lingual braces are two common types of fixed invisible braces popular with patients. Ceramic braces are similar in design to the traditional metal braces except for the fact that the brackets are tooth-coloured ceramic material as opposed to silver metal.

There is no equal to fixed braces for correcting complex orthodontic issues, and patients who are looking for that ‘invisible’ factor in their orthodontic treatment are prepared to pay a little extra for ceramic braces. Apart from being barely noticeable and superbly effective, another reason why patients opt for ceramic braces is that they are said to sit more comfortably on gums.

Lingual braces may be a surprise to many patients, especially because of where they sit in the mouth – behind teeth. It is this design feature that affords their invisibility status – no one can see them positioned behind the teeth.

Lingual braces have been used to great success in treating a variety of dental issues that involve complex movements. Patients who can opt for lingual braces include those with dental rotation problems, the need to close the gap between extraction spaces, as well as those who require adjusting the height of their teeth.

For image-conscious patients with orthodontic issues, invisible braces have the potential to offer life-changing benefits. To find out more or for professional consultation with a friendly dentist, why not give us a call at Clapham South Dental Centre to set up an appointment? Our reception team will find a date and time that is convenient for you.

Are you thinking about getting clear braces in Clapham?

Clear braces have become very popular in recent years with more and more people opting for them over other methods of straightening. But are clear braces for everyone and what are the fundamental differences between clear braces in Clapham and metal braces? When you visit your dentist they will be able to explain which plan will be right for you but in the meantime.clear-braces-clapham

Let’s compare clear braces to metal ones

Firstly, what are clear braces? The phrase clear braces actually refer to two types of braces: either they are made from a clear, rigid plastic that fits around your teeth in perfectly moulded trays or from a ceramic bracket that is blended to the colour of your teeth.

The major benefit of both these styles is it makes the process of straightening far less visually invasive so if you’ve chosen to straighten as an adult this can be a more socially subtle path to take. With metal braces they are only offered in grey or silver, if you would like to opt for the ceramic option braces can be made in any colour. Traditional metal braces are made up of metal brackets that are placed on top of your teeth using a special dental cement they are then bound together with wires and small rubber bands.

There is also a level of comfort wearing aligners that doesn’t come with metal braces. They are removable so you don’t need to worry about eating and food becoming trapped, and as the plastic is flush to the teeth there is no rubbing on the gums.

Comparing oral hygiene in braces

Clear braces in Clapham adjust teeth to be perfectly straight and result in a better teeth alignment. When teeth are perfectly straight it means they are easier to clean and less likely to build up tartar and plaque. When the teeth line has overlaps or crooked teeth it provides perfect areas for germs to build up which can lead to gum disease.

Braces apart from the clear aligner style are well known for triggering problems with your dental hygiene. They can cause inflammation and make maintaining a thorough cleaning difficult as brushing and flossing can become really difficult to do well. Metal braces can also rub against the skin in your mouth leading to sores.

What are the benefits of metal braces?

Metal braces are great at correcting lots of different types of alignment issues and there have been new technological developments such as heat-activated wires which can lead to even quicker changes.

Although they are not completely pain-free they are second-least painful compared to other options. With the teeth moving quicker it also means the discomfort can subside quicker.

They are less costly than clear braces in Clapham – when thinking about braces it could come down to cost and the benefit of metal braces is they are far less costly than aligners but have the same level of results.

When you visit your dentist at Clapham South Dental Center your dentist will be able to talk through the best option for you.

How do I make my Invisalign in Clapham sparkle and gleam?

You took the plunge and finally had your Invisalign aligners fitted. You’re really happy with how natural and comfortable they are, but now you want to make sure you keep them sparkling clean and taken care of, so they keep up their invisible appearance. We at Clapham South Dental Centre have collected all our top tips to help maintain your new aligners.invisalign-clapham

An Invisalign recap

Invisalign Clapham is a type of aligner used to straighten out crooked teeth, space out overcrowding or pull back overbites. They consist of a clear tray that is made from durable, rigid plastic. You will need to wear your aligners for 22 hours per day, then once the treatment is complete you’ll receive retainers which will normally have to be worn overnight for a certain period. The treatment is very subtle and perfect for adults with orthodontic problems who want a discreet way to treat their issues.

What is the best way to clean my aligners?

Just like your natural teeth, your Invisalign Clapham will need to be looked after assiduously. You will need to be cleaning the aligners every time you clean your teeth. To clean them you will need a toothbrush, toothpaste, aligner cleaning tablets and a bowl of tepid or cold water.

What’s the process of a good clean?

First, you need to rinse your aligners under lukewarm water – be sure to avoid hot water as this can cause heat damage to them. Secondly, you need to soak them in the special Invisalign cleaning fluid. We recommend leaving it for between five to ten minutes, but always double-check the instructions. Once ready, take your toothbrush and brush along the lining of the device both inside and out of the shell. Be extremely careful when doing this as too much pressure on the plastic could cause a break.

When you’ve completed the brushing you need to check over your aligner for any leftover build-up of plaque or tartar. This can appear cloudy or white and it will also be stubborn to remove. Much like how plaque or tartar will cause damage and infection to your teeth and gums, it will begin to rot your aligner and can lead to the plastic becoming fragile and eventually breaking. It’s also worth noting regular cleaning will also mean your aligners stay odour free.

Extra top tips for aligner use

Whenever you take out your Invisalign aligners you need to make sure you clean your teeth before putting them back in again. If there is any food or drink trapped under them it will cause serious damage to your teeth over long periods.

Keep your Invisalign Clapham clean and safe – always try to keep them in their box or in a glass of water. You don’t want any dirt to get onto the surface without you knowing.

Avoid drinking anything other than water when wearing your device. Tea, coffee, squash, juice or alcohol will all leave your aligners looking stained and discoloured and your once beautiful clear solution to straight teeth will appear less than squeaky clean.

Could dental implants in Clapham be what I’m looking for?

It can be an extremely stressful time when we lose teeth and in many cases, this isn’t caused by poor dental hygiene. Many factors can cause tooth loss including smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, old age or accidents. If you have lost teeth and are looking for a more secure, natural-feeling alternative to dentures then dental implants could be the solution for

How do dental implants work ?

First, you would have your dental implants in Clapham fitted – the implants themselves work as recreating the root of the tooth. A titanium screw is fitted that the tooth is attached to, the benefit of this is being the false tooth is then able to work as natural teeth would. You can eat and drink with no cause for concern. Patients who have had dental implants in Clapham have reported how amazing it is to have new permanent teeth and it’s said not only to improve confidence but also their self-esteem.

Can an implant always be used?

The condition of the bone is fundamental to whether or not implants could be an option for you. When you visit us we will arrange a number of tests to find out if there is enough bone in the jawline to hold the fixture. Even if there isn’t enough there could be the option of grafting bone into the area first.

Are dental implants safe?

Yes, they are safe and they can last much longer than bridges or crowns. The most important thing is that you look after your implants. If you don’t look after your implants they can develop a damaging coating similar to what happens when you neglect your natural teeth. If this is left untreated it can lead to gum infections, bleeding, discomfort and pain. However, if you’re looking after your teeth well both your natural and implants should not have any of these problems. When having your dental implants in Clapham fitted you will be able to discuss with your dentist how best to take good care of your oral health.

What is the process of having implants fitted?

You will first have a consultation with your dentist to express your desired outcome, the procedure will be explained to you. On your second appointment, if you have enough bone, the implant will be placed and given time to fuse. Then in a further 4 months, you will return to the surgery where the implant process is finished.

Do implants cause pain?

Any dental treatment can come with a little pain but we hope the outcomes will be worth temporary discomfort. You will not feel pain during the procedure as a local anaesthetic will be administered to the area. However, post-procedure you may experience small amounts of pain.

Can I afford implants?

Our initial consultation fee is £70 and this fee is deducted from the price if you decide to go ahead with the treatment. The overall cost is £1800 per implant which may seem like a large initial cost but with our 0% finance options, there will be no need for you to dip into those much treasured savings.

Why do we all want a super straight smile?

When you’re young and in need of teeth straightening it is much easier to take the plunge and have those wire braces fitted. But why is it we all want that super straight smile and do the benefits go beyond surface-level? invisible-braces-clapham

What are the cosmetic benefits of straighter teeth?

Of course, happiness is not skin deep and we would never make claims that a smile can fix the ups and downs of life. But having a straight smile sure can make us feel much better about ourselves and how we feel about our teeth can have serious impacts on our self-esteem and body image. Human beings after all are a social species, biologically designed to be good communicators and much of this comes from our mouths.

What are the psychological benefits of straighter teeth?

If you worry or feel self-conscious about your slightly overlapping tooth or crooked smile, you are not alone. Lots of people feel similarly about their smiles. If you aren’t confident about your teeth it can leave a person feeling really down and unable to feel confident enough to communicate with their friends and family. Mental health is a massive part of a person’s overall well being – and it’s not just confidence that can be knocked. It has been shown that patients post-orthodontic treatment have reduced anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and better social functioning. Lots of adults avoid corrective treatment because they worry about pain or the embarrassment of wearing braces, but with invisible braces in Clapham the journey to a healthier smile can be comfortable and more discreet.

What are the physical benefits of straighter teeth?

If you were to have invisible braces in Clapham fitted you would see benefits that go beyond cosmetic and psychological, there are also practical benefits.

Straighter teeth can improve gum health. When your teeth are overlapped, cramped, or gapped a perfect breeding ground for bacteria is created. Bacteria that are hard to reach with a toothbrush can build up creating plaque and tartar which in turn can develop into gum disease.

Having wonky teeth is one of the factors for tooth grinding which not only damages the tooth itself by grinding down the surface but also can cause headaches. When your teeth are flush you are less likely to grind. It’s also worth noting that grinding your teeth when you have a misalignment (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together) can lead to jaw misalignment which in turn leads to further issues including face and neck pain. Your invisible braces in Clapham could help correct this issue before the problem worsens.

Do you have a speech impediment? Do you struggle to pronounce certain words? Or maybe you’ve suffered from a lisp since childhood. Lots of speech impediments can be potentially caused by having crooked teeth. Lots of impediments are caused by misalignment which means the tongue can’t get to the correct area of the mouth to create the right sound. If there are gaps in the teeth this can cause air to travel through and create a whistling sound on some words. All these problems could be cured with a treatment plan from us.

Removing visibility with clear braces Clapham

Discreet treatment without compromiseclear-braces-clapham

When seeking treatment for your misaligned teeth, the last thing you want to have is for a chunky and visible appliance to be attached to your mouth. Whilst in the past this type of appliance may have been the primary solution to straightening your smile, with modern advances within the dental world in terms of knowledge and technology, you can rest assured that you can effectively treat your wonky smile without the world knowing. This is where clear braces Clapham come in.

So what are the brace options and how do they work?

When looking into clear braces Clapham, you could easily get lost in a variety of solutions to manage your misalignment issue. With tooth realignment being a common orthodontic treatment to be had amongst both children and adults, it will come as no surprise that there are a variety of options available.

Invisalign is one popular method within adult realignment dentistry. These small, transparent aligners which are tailor-made from your own set of teeth allow patients to take control of the treatment process with few appointments in between. This popular method fits into daily life in a streamlined fashion and the treatment remains unnoticed by those around you.

Another popular method of realignment which stems from the more traditional brace method is to use more natural tooth-coloured or transparent brackets and wires. Using the same method of pulling the teeth into place through adjustments to the wires as opposed to the pushing method of the Invisalign aligners.

Alternatively, there are those that prefer the Inman aligners which use opposing aligner bows to adjust the positioning of the teeth.

These are just a few of the possible options available and as you begin your research with your dental team at Clapham South Dental Centre, you will begin to narrow down which method fits into your daily life most effectively, whilst efficiently realigning your crooked teeth.

Pain-free treatments?

Whilst at no point should you suffer severe pain during the realignment process, it is important to understand that some discomfort, such as a dull ache, may come into effect on and off throughout treatment. Whilst this is a completely natural occurrence when realigning the teeth, should you feel it impacting your day-to-day life in a negative way it is important to discuss the issue with your dental team. We are here to work together to get the results you are after and therefore any worries or concerns which may come to light need to be brought to our attention. After all, we are your other half within this partnership and we are all working towards the same end goal.

Contacting us today

The internet, a fountain of knowledge, can assist you with your search for the treatment of your misaligned teeth but, like all things, who knows whether the procedure will be right for you? This is where opening up a conversation with your dental team about clear braces Clapham can be a great help and ensure that the treatment you have is the most suitable.