A bit of clarity on clear aligners

So you’ve heard about clear aligners? If so, it was probably from a TV advert or maybe an online banner? The irony is the oldest and most trusted clear aligners provider only operates through dental clinics. Invisalign in Clapham has been a part of our practice for more than 5 years. So let’s talk about what they are and how they work.

What are clear aligners?invisalign-clapham

The clear aligners are a very cleverly shaped thin plastic mouth guard, like a very thin transpiration gum shield. Its simplicity hides a lot of designers work and showcases a progressive approach to orthodontics.

The organising or alining of teeth is achieved by pressure exerted on the tooth surface by the aligner, under tension. This constant mild pressure is far less intrusive than a traditional brace, which is far from subtle in form or function.

Aligners are used in succession, with each one achieving a small milestone on the route to an overall straighter smile.

How we use aligners in our clinic

Before you can get too excited about getting aligners, it’s important to have a level headed conversation with our dentists. This is where Invisalign in Clapham diverges from an online mail-order aligner, who will happily send out home dental mould kits with little or no exploration of your needs or suitability.

Aligners are suitable for minor or cosmetic orthodontic issues. They could be used at the end of treatment using other orthodontic tools, like metal braces or a palate block if required. Alignment is only recommended for healthy teeth without cavities or decay, requiring treatment and resolution before fitting of aligners can start.

Once you receive your aligners, you will have to wear them as much as possible; 22 hours a day is recommended. The only time you would remove them is when eating. It is recommended that when using aligners, you brush your teeth after eating before placing your clear aligners over your teeth. The aligners restrict the flow of saliva over your teeth, and trapped food under the aligner can quickly cause cavities

In general, we find most of our patients are very happy with the daily ease of using an aligner, with most of the time the aligners going completely unnoticed by others and becoming a small aspect of their daily routine.

Clear aligners in the mail

The mail-order aligner providers have been condemned for their business model by the BOS British Orthodontic Society and we would not be involved with any manufacturers who operate without a dentists supervision, due to risks of damage caused by inappropriate use. This can be magnified in nervous patients who are much less inclined to attend an appointment with our dentists and may feel more at ease with online services. Unfortunately, nervous patients tend to have multiple or complex dental conditions at the same time, due to a lack of early intervention. We are always considerate of the needs of our patients and would strongly recommend you contact us before pursuing Invisalign in Clapham or any orthodontic treatment.

Are dental implants worth it?

Oral implants are considered the pinnacle in restorative dentistry with the capacity to replace individual teeth or a whole set of dentures. Dental Implants in Clapham are performed by Dr Aussia who holds qualifications in dental implantology and oral surgery with a very high success rate. However, there are situations which make implants inappropriate.dental-implants-clapham

How they work

Modern Dental Implants in Clapham are formed from three components; the implant, the connector and the prosthetic.

The implant is a tapered, ridged titanium rod with a rounded tip which sits in the bone of the jaw and acts as an artificial root. It is held in place by the process of osseointegration, which happens when titanium integrates with the bone and is the reason why titanium is so widely used in surgery.

The connector attaches the titanium component to the prosthetics. This allows the implanting to occur in multiple stages, with a period left for the bone to heal. There are multiple options, as to what you may wish to fit onto the connecter from a single porcelain tooth, (not unlike a crown) to a set of dentures.

The fitting process

After an assessment and confirming that you’re suitable for the procedure, the implant treatment can be booked in. It usually takes one session to place the titanium root, then a second session 4-6 months after to have the prosthetic fitted.

What would make me unsuitable?

Most people can receive dental implants. The aspect of the procedure with the highest risk of failure is the root not ‘fixing’ into the bone. This is aggravated by bone disorders like dental imperfections, osteoporosis and medication which may prevent bone growth, like those used to treat cancer.

There is no evidence supporting age as a limitation unless there are underlying conditions, but a full set of adult teeth must be present and if below 18 parental consent must be given.

Are there other options?

Are there alternatives to Dental Implants in Clapham? Possibly – you would need to speak to Dr Aussia to make an impartial assessment and present you with your options, as it would vary on a case by case basis. If there are options to save teeth from unnecessary extraction, it should be explored first. This could involve crowns or mini-implants into a healthy root to build up a badly damaged tooth.

Implants have excellent longevity, even compared to root canal treated teeth, so in comparison, they are a superior form of restorative dentistry. There is the ability to disconnect a damaged prosthetic from the root via the converter and replace only the ceramic component, leaving the rest of the implant undisturbed in the jaw bone. This simplifies future treatments and reduces their cost and recovery time.

What is it like having a dental implant?

Most of the time, our patients find by the 2-year check-up, the implants are indistinguishable from the natural teeth. With the same care needs, 6-month check-ups and regular brushing, it’s easy to see why. Over time, the porcelain of the prosthetics may diverge from the natural enamel shade. This is due to the prosthetic being more stain-resistant than natural enamel and can be fixed by our team.

The invisible brace

Invisible Braces in Clapham are not often seen but are more common than the iconic metal braces. It’s pretty clear why! Their translucent materials are far more conducive to our modern world where all the basic needs of dentistry are met and we can indulge in the aesthetics.


The rise in popularity of subtle orthodontics has been pushed for by adult patients, but whose availability has been widely adopted by our patients of all ages.

So, are they as good as metal braces?

The ‘invisible brace’ is a bit of an ambiguous term used to describe both ceramic braces and clear aligners, and to discuss which is best we need to differentiate between them.

Also, the appropriateness and therefore the effectiveness of a particular treatment is dependent on the individual patient. One of the primary roles of our dental team Dr Ali Aussia, Dr Rachael Ibbotson and Dr Mohsin Ghor is to lay out the best options in an unbiased and clear way, so you can make an informed decision about your own care.

The Invisible Braces in Clapham are an orthodontic treatment that utilises a series of 3D printed aligners, which are worn over the teeth to straighten them over time. They are popular and considered effective on mild to moderately misaligned teeth, where minimal twisting and molar movement is required.

The ceramic brace is very similar in the way it works to metal braces, with archwire and tooth anchors. But they are made from a composite mixture of ceramic and polymers. They used to be brittle and were only recommended for adults, but with a better blend of materials, they have reached a toughness parity with the metal brace.

What’s it like to have an invisible brace?

Well, the discovery you may experience is very different depending on the treatment option. Aligners give a more consistent pressure than a metal brace, but the trade-off is a longer treatment time on average. The ceramic option will be more similar to the traditional brace.

Where they both shine is in their aesthetics, as there is a world of difference between the feeling of wearing a standard compared to an invisible brace in public. Most of our patients reporting that they forget they’re wearing them during the day unless they are eating.

What’s harder to look after- a ceramic brace or an aligner?

The anchor point of ceramic braces is not conducive to their removal and refitting outside of dental surgery. So you must cautiously eat in them and thoroughly clean them afterwards. Interdental brushes can be very helpful here in getting any bits under the wire. Aligners can be removed at will, but to be effective you need to wear them as much as possible and brush before refitting, to stop food particles becoming trapped against your teeth.

It’s generally accepted that Invisible Braces in Clapham are far easier to keep clean. Of the two, the aligners can be removed on the fly to give a public address or presentation.

Looking to perfect your smile under the radar? Clear braces in Clapham could be for you!

As with all procedures and treatments over the last decade, there have been a vast amount of positive developments, in this case, the development of braces. Whilst traditional metal braces are still commonly used for moderate to severe realignments, Clear braces, with either fixed brackets or removable aligners are now more affordable and readily available at most dental surgeries.clear-braces-in-clapham

So how does this treatment work compared to the metal braces?

This question does not come with straightforward, one word answer. This is because it is completely dependent on which type of transparent braces we use for your treatment. Metal braces are used for the more severe realignment cases and pull the teeth into place over a fixed period of time. Invisalign, on the other hand, are clear removable braces that use pressure points inside the aligners to push the teeth into their new alignment. Another discreet, removable method of straightening the teeth is the Inman aligner. This method uses two aligner bows that gently oppose each other and guide the teeth into a new position. Each treatment has a different way of realigning the teeth but it is very dependent on the individual case as to which treatment would suit you, the patient, best.

Do the transparent braces create a pain free method of realignment?

Whenever we think of procedures or treatments there is, naturally, a fear of it being painful. As with any treatment, minimal discomfort is to be expected, particularly when your teeth are being pushed into a new position. However, should the discomfort be persistent or begins to become a problem, please discuss this with your dental team rather than suffering in silence. The idea of the use of Clear braces in Clapham  is to have an inconspicuous method of realignment that allows you to carry on with your everyday lives with little affect. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your realignment process.

Can I start with metal braces and switch to the Clear braces?

As we have previously mentioned, Clear braces in Clapham are suited to mild to moderate cases of realignment. Therefore should your teeth be severely crooked this particular treatment will not be effective. However, if you are extremely conscious of your metal braces and do not want to be wearing them for a long period of time, once your teeth have aligned to a certain point, upon discussion with your dental team, it may be that you can switch to the transparent braces part the way through.

Does the transparent braces treatment take a set period of time?

Unfortunately it is difficult to provide an answer to this question as it completely depends on the individual. However, please be aware that we will always discuss the process and have check ups to keep an eye on the progress. Our attention to detail will ensure that you are never left out of the loop.

Please note:

As with any procedure or treatment there is a potential risk. Therefore it is important to contact your local dental team for more information about any of the procedures mentioned in this article.

What is Invisalign?

Misalignments within the mouth are very common and can be anything from misaligned teeth to bite problems such as overbite, underbite or even crossbites (a poor alignment of the dental arches). When you think of realigning your teeth, a lot of people think of the traditional fixed, wired braces. Whilst a very common method, we prefer to use clear tray aligners when possible, otherwise known as Invisalign in Clapham.invisalign-clapham

Could Invisalign be the treatment for you?

Whether you are a teenager whose teeth are still growing and changing, or an adult who has decided to perfect their smile, we have a variety of different aligners to suit our patients’ needs. Do not worry about being out of your depth with research, we will happily discuss all of the options which are open to you and answer any questions you may have whether it is before, during or after your journey with us.

The process behind creating your dazzling new smile.

To get the process started we will take you through an assessment which entails a series of photos that allow us to determine the best course of action for you.

Once we are certain that invisalign is the way forward for you we will take some more photos in the form of X-rays and digital scans. If we believe it to be beneficial, we will also take some dental impressions of your teeth. This will allow us to gain a more in depth insight into what you need to achieve the best results from your  Invisalign treatment. With this information we are then able to create a personalised, digital treatment plan for you. Technology has advanced so much that we will even be able to show you a 3D video of what the results will look like.

Once we have all the above information we will provide you with a series of aligners which you will have for an average of 1 to 2 weeks. Please note your dentist will advise you as to what suits your individual needs best so do not worry if it is longer. These should then be worn for the recommended 22 hours a day and changed at home. No need for extra appointments, diet changes, or different hygiene systems as the aligners are easy to remove and insert. As with all treatments there may be some discomfort during the re-alignment but it should always be minimal. Please discuss with your dentist if you feel too uncomfortable.

Although you can change these retainers yourself, it does not mean we hand them over and leave you to it for the duration of your treatment. We will see you approximately every 4 to 6 weeks, where we will monitor the progress made and provide you with your next set of retainers. Once the Invisalign treatment is complete you will need to wear the clear retainers to maintain your new smile but these are so discreet that they will not be noticeable.

Please note:

All dental procedures/ treatments carry a potential risk. Therefore for more information about any of the procedures mentioned in this article please contact your local dental team.

Dental Implants

The differences between dental procedures such as the bridge or crown and the implant are its integration with the jaw. It is a substantial treatment, taking between 4-6 months to complete. Here at the Dental? ?Center, we have been performing dental implants in Clapham? ?since 2011.  dental-implants-clapham

What is an implant

There are three components to our dental implants in Clapham; the titanium implant, placed below the gum line which is osseointegrated into the jaw bone, the connector that sits at the gumline, and the prosthetic itself, which may be an individual tooth similar to a crown, or a bridge. A complete set of implants can be used to anchor a whole set of dentures.

The titanium implant

Since the ’50s, titanium has been the standard surgical metal due to an effect called osseointegration. When a piece of titanium is placed next to or in living bone, new bone growth occurs at the interface of the metal. This new bone is so closely associated with the titanium that it is glued or fused into place. This takes time and the delay between fitting the implants and them being fully osseointegrated is the biggest factor in determining the length of the treatment.

The connector

The earliest implants did not have connectors, forcing the patient to avoid solid food as the implants ‘set’. The next generation of locking connectors allowed the patient to have their implants set below the gum line, with very little risk that they would disturb them. When the prosthetic was attached it would permanently be locked in place. If a prosthetic became damaged or needed to be replaced the whole implant would have to be extracted.

The modern connectors we use with our dental implants in Clapham are non-locking, so that in the event a prosthetic needs to be replaced, it can be taken off of the implant and a new one fitted without the implant being extracted.

The prosthetic

The prosthetic is highly variable depending on the patients’ needs. Five implants can be used to immobilize a set of dentures, fixing them to the jaw and eliminating rubbing. Or an implant can be used as the artificial root for a single prosthetic tooth.

Maintaining implants

After setting, the maintenance of implants is very similar to that of natural teeth, check-ups every 6 months are still recommended along with normal brushing and dental hygiene. This is one of the biggest attractions for patients who seek out dental implants in Clapham, as they are the closest replacement available to natural teeth. With colour and translucency matching goes unnoticed.

Counter indications

If you have a blood clotting condition, low bone density, severe gum disease or receding gums, implants may not be right for you. But you should talk to our dentist to find out what your options are, as special arrangements can be made or a referral to a specialist.

For further information, you can contact us at info@dentist-clapham.co.uk or call on 0208 673 3250. We are located at 15 Balham Hill, SW12 9DY.

Fear not. Invisible braces in Clapham do exist!

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, sometimes the thought of having visible braces creates a feeling of dread. After all, vanity does play a big part in our everyday lives and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Luckily, for those who want a discreet method of perfecting their smile, invisible braces in Clapham may be the way forward. The transparent braces allow us to perfect beautiful smiles under the radar.  invisible-braces-in-clapham

If invisible braces exist why are the metal versions still commonly used?

The traditional wired brace, sometimes referred to as train-tracks, is still used today as it is more suited to severe alignment issues and continues to have many benefits. Invisible braces on the other hand, whilst perhaps preferred by the majority of people due to their inconspicuous look, do have limitations and are best suited to mild to moderate alignment cases. This particular treatment also works best on the front six to eight teeth rather than the molars further back. A consultation for invisible braces in Clapham will always happen so that we can find the most suitable treatment for your individual needs and discuss all the options available.

Are these particular braces fixed or removable and how does this affect your cleaning routine?

When we talk about invisible braces in Clapham we are referring to a selection of braces rather than one specific type. For instance, the brand Invisalign has created transparent removable braces where as Incognito and Cfast braces are fixed to your teeth. When using Invisalign braces it is advised that you remove the braces before eating and to brush and floss before placing the braces back into your mouth. This ensures that your braces remain clean and hygienic along with keeping your mouth nice and clean. However this does not mean that fixed braces are unhygienic! Not at all. It means that we recommend rinsing out any food debris first, followed by your usual brush and floss, ensuring that you are meticulous and get behind the wires and brackets as well. Staying hygienic is paramount with any treatment offered.

So how do we learn which treatment is best for you?

When you begin your discussion about the realignment and the perfecting of your beautiful smile, we will look at all the possible options. In order to determine which treatment will suit you best, we not only take a physical look but also take a series of photos to study. If invisible braces are the way forward for you, we will discuss both removable and fixed braces. We realise that confidence can sometimes be hindered by a crooked smile and will always work with you to ensure you feel comfortable with the treatment. During the consultation we will answer any queries you may have and talk you through the process so that we cover all the information. As with all dental treatments, minimal discomfort is expected during the realignment process, but if we can ensure you are completely comfortable with all aspects of the process we will!

Please note:

All dental procedures/ treatments carry a potential risk. Therefore please contact your local dental team for more information about any of the procedures mentioned in this article.

Clear braces in Clapham for teens

The best time to straighten teeth is in the early teenage years when the teeth and bones are still growing. This is because it is easier to guide them in the right direction than it is to pull them into place once they’ve set, other than the physiology, having braces as a teen isn’t nearly as difficult or embarrassing as having them as an adult and it can be seen as a right of passage for high school juniors to sport braces. But with new technologies coming out every other year, if your child so wished, they can get clear braces in Clapham to have a more discreet orthodontic experience and with the payments plans available at Clapham South Dental Care, you can fit it into your family budget easily.clear-braces-clapham

Types of clear braces

Clear braces in Clapham is a pretty broad term and we have a list of options available to your teen starting at £125/month, so that you can give them something from this list that they can be comfortable with for a few months before they reveal their gorgeous new smile:

Cfast – this is a system that focuses on the social six teeth, which means that the front top and bottom 6 teeth are the ones that get adjusted instead of all the teeth in the mouth, this system does not promise to correct major orthodontic problems but can quickly adjust the teeth people see when your teen smiles. By fixing tooth-coloured nickel brackets to these 12 teeth and feeding a wire through the special mounts, we are able to pull the teeth into position through the tension placed on the wire.

Damon – the Damon system is similar to Cfast in that it uses clear or tooth coloured brackets and wires to adjust teeth except that these brackets can be fitted to all the teeth if needs be to correct any orthodontic issue as well as malocclusions. This is the system that is closest to traditional braces but it is more discrete and works much faster, meaning your budget won’t need to stretch for too long.

Incognito – also known as lingual braces is a system similar to Damon but instead of being fitted to the front of the teeth, brackets are secured to the back of the teeth yet still perform their job really well, this is the most ‘invisible’ braces system available to teens as people will not see the braces at all.

While there are may be many types of removable clear braces in Clapham, none work as well or are more popular than the clear aligner system that Invisalign offers:

Invisalign uses the most advanced 3D imaging technology to create custom clear aligners that gently push the teeth into position in a matter of months. The clear aligners are completely removable which make them ideal to fit into even the most sporty teens lifestyle. One of the major benefits of a clear aligner system is that you don’t have to make constant trips to the dentist to get them adjusted, you just need to ensure that your child can pop in the next aligner in the series every 1-2 weeks and they’re ready to go.

Invisalign for moms in Clapham

If you’re a mom of young children then you know that regular visits to the dentist for old school orthodontics are out of the question. At Clapham South Dental Care we totally understand this, but we also understand that if you do want to straighten your teeth for whatever reason, you want to be able to do it quickly and quietly and without the risk of cuts if you get bashed in the mouth by your toddler. With Invisalign in Clapham, all this and more is possible and the best part is, your treatment can be controlled by you at home after your initial appointment, so you won’t need to come in regularly for changes.invisalign-in-clapham

How does Invisalign work?

At a consultation appointment for Invisalign, you will be able to discuss with your dentist your smile goals and what exactly you hope to gain from orthodontic treatment. We will take photos and X-rays of your teeth to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this treatment. Once this has been confirmed we can take a completely painless 3D scan of your mouth and teeth, the information gathered by this technology is uploaded into a computer where a 3D model is created of your smile. We can use this model to create a simulation of how your teeth will shift over time and show you what the results will be before treatment even begins.

Once you are happy with the plan we create for your orthodontic care we send this information off to a lab which then creates your first set of clear aligners. These aligners will be sent to you in a pack and you will need to change them yourself.

The benefits for busy moms

At home control – we know that you barely have enough time for yourself during the day when you’re taking care of small children, let alone make regular trips to the dentist and this is the beauty of Invisalign. Once your 3D scan has been taken and your custom aligners are created we will send them to you in a neatly packaged box with instructions on how and when to wear them. Usually, aligners need to be changed every 1-2 weeks as your teeth shift into place so it’s handy to have the next aligner nearby.

Safer than other appliances – a miss thrown building block or an unintentional toddler punch to the face happens more often than we would care to admit, but imagine how much worse it would be if you had a set of sharp metal tracks glued to your teeth. With Invisalign in Clapham, your teeth will remain smooth and metal-free so that playtime won’t end up in you needing stitches.

Removable – your oral care is important to us and we want you to be able to take care of your teeth easily without having to worry about cleaning in the little places between wires and brackets. With removable aligners, it’s easy to both eat the foods you love and keep your teeth properly clean.

Restoring your confidence with dental implants in Clapham

Gaps in your smile or loose, ill-fitting dentures can do a lot of damage to your confidence, so much so that low self-esteem can even lead to depression, all because you are afraid to smile and laugh in public. For those with a normal and complete set of teeth this may seem silly, but at Clapham South Dental Care we understand how those of you with missing teeth must be feeling. However, this doesn’t have to be a life sentence, especially for those of you who have endured dentures for a long time. With dental implants in Clapham, we can restore your smile in order for you to lead a healthy and happy life to its fullest potential, never having to hide your laughter behind your hand but rather join in with all the joys your family and friends bring.dental-implants-in-clapham

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is implanted into the bone of the jaw. An abutment is connected to the implant and a false tooth or row of false teeth are connected to the abutment. Dental implants in Clapham serve two functions:

1 – Support false teeth.

2 – Support the bone structure of the jaw. Once a tooth or multiple teeth come out, the bone that they are anchored to no longer serves a purpose so the body begins to dissolve it. By securing a titanium implant in the tooth’s place we are able to ensure that the bone not only remains in place but is encouraged to grow back due to the nature of titanium, combined with the human bone matter.

What types of implants are there?

All dental implants in Clapham are more or less exactly the same, the difference is that they can serve a multitude of functions:

Single – A single dental implant can be used to support and replace a single missing tooth.

Multiple – Two dental implants can be used to support a bridge of teeth should a few teeth in a row be missing.

All on 4 – This is a procedure that is used to support an entire set of dentures on only 4 implants (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) by fixing dentures into place. Those wearing them can be more confident about their life without having to worry about their teeth falling out at an embarrassing moment.

What is involved during surgery?

Once you have been cleared for dental implant surgery we will numb the areas of the face that need to be worked on. It is important to note for nervous patients that this surgery can be performed under sedation, so that you can get through it without any anxiety. Once the area is numb we will cut open the gum so that we can drill a hole into the bone big enough for the implant to be screwed in. Once the implant is in, we will close it up again and send you home for 6 months in order for the healing and fusing process to be complete, but don’t worry, you will be provided with a temporary crown or denture for that time.

After 6 months an abutment will be fitted to the dental implants in Clapham upon which a false tooth or set of false teeth can be fixed and then your treatment is complete.