FAQs about invisible braces answered

Looking for a way to straighten your teeth as an adult with the utmost discretion?clapham-invisible-braces

When you come to Clapham South Dental, our team can fit you up with one of the most popular orthodontic tools to straighten your smile, removable invisible braces Clapham.

Here, some of the most common FAQs that we receive about removable invisible braces Clapham or Invisalign are answered. So read on and enjoy!

Is Invisalign better than using regular braces?

Invisible braces Clapham, using Invisalign, have been heralded by many patients as being more visually discreet.

But while this is a useful feature, it does not necessarily make them better; if you have a complex misalignment, for example, we may want to use a fitted brace to help with the realignment which could also be invisible as in the case of a lingual brace.

Does having Invisalign fitted hurt?

As this aligner is removable, it doesn’t have to be fitted!

But what does have to happen is our team needs to get an accurate image of your dental positions as a starting point. And to do this, we will need to take an image of the inside of your mouth using our intraoral scanner.

Just as it sounds, this pen-like device is placed into your mouth and scans your teeth, recording their images onto our computer. This is painless, fast and provides a more accurate image to start your aligner treatment with.

Do I have to change my diet?

If you had a friend at school who wore a fitted brace, you may recall that they had to cut out certain foods from their diet, mainly things like corn on the cob and toffee. This is advised by dentists to prevent the food from getting stuck in the archwires and to ensure that the brackets do not become damaged.

Luckily, as Invisalign is removable, you will not have to change your diet and, as your teeth straighten, you may find it easier to eat a wider variety of foods overall.

Can I choose when I wear the aligners?

Yes and no.

For this aligner to be effective, you will need to keep it in your mouth for a minimum of 22 hours per day. And while we cannot dictate when you remove it, it is best advised to do so when eating, drinking anything besides water and when you are brushing your teeth. This will prevent it from becoming stained or damaged.

But if during usage you discover that you are finding it tougher to keep the aligners in for the required time, then please talk to our team so we can switch the aligner for a fitted option. We do offer visually discreet clear braces too, which are more suited to people who struggle with removable options.

How long do they require to straighten my teeth?

On average, Invisalign takes between 3-6 months to straighten teeth.

However, this is somewhat variable and depends on the severity of the misalignment being treated, the frequency with which you wear your aligners and of course, if you maintain regular communication with our team.

So, to keep Invisalign on schedule, wear them for at least 22 hours a day, send our team selfies each week (or when required) and be sure not to miss any appointments.

Why opt for clear braces?

Maybe it is because they are barely detectable that there seems to be a mystery (from a patient’s perspective) shrouded around how clear braces Clapham work. Our dental practitioners at Clapham South Dental Centre field many questions from patients enquiring about clear braces Clapham as a suitable orthodontic solution.clear-braces-clapham

Orthodontics has become one of the most sought after dental treatments thanks to modern developments in orthodontic technologies and the fact that many patients are beginning to understand just how important properly aligned teeth are for their health.

We have an exciting array of orthodontic solutions available at our practice because we appreciate that no one-size-fits-all solution is good enough for our patients. Different patients will have different situations and needs; some will need minor alignment fixes while others will have moderate or severe conditions to treat.

Different transparent orthodontic devices each have their own unique set of features and benefits that can help patients achieve their orthodontic goals and align with a better-looking smile. In our range of clear braces Clapham, we offer Invisalign, Inman Aligner, Incognito and Cfast braces amongst others.

Reasons to choose clear braces

Here are some of the reasons why clear braces are a popular choice with patients:


Many patients are surprised to find that our transparent range of orthodontic devices is quite affordable and that the great smile they have always wanted is, in fact, within their reach. We have also made available interest free repayment plans for patients who would like to use this facility. Get in touch with us for more information.


Braces that can’t be seen? Yes, please! Patients may be more familiar with the clear aligner system, but we also have clear fixed braces that are mounted onto teeth. Transparent braces that are fixed can feature clear wires and brackets or be attached to the back of the teeth where they work out of sight.


We have used a variety of orthodontic devices to great effect, helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals for a more attractive and aligned smile. To help guide patients to the right orthodontic fit, we will need to carry out a complete oral health assessment. This will also allow us to determine a patient’s exact needs.


One of the best parts of straightening teeth is that this can now be a comfortable experience. This is not to say that many patients do not experience slight initial discomfort while they get used to wearing their orthodontic device. This is most usual and does not last for very long. If symptoms do persist for longer than expected, it is important to notify us as soon as possible.

No matter which type of orthodontic treatment plan you opt for, we have caring and competent dental professionals who will look after your teeth straightening process. Need to talk through our choices of exciting orthodontic tools? Schedule a professional consultation with one of our dental practitioners at Clapham South Dental Centre and experience the high-quality dental care we have to offer.

Why choose Invisalign to straighten your teeth?

Invisalign Clapham orthodontic solutions available at Clapham South Dental Centre enjoy immense popularity with our patients due to one of their world-famous traits – these braces are virtually invisible.invisalign-clapham

Orthodontic solutions come in a choice of various shapes and sizes and it can be quite overwhelming for a patient to decide on which one to choose. This is where our well-experienced dental practitioners play an instrumental guiding role in recommending the right choice according to individual patient needs and preferences. We will talk you through each of the suitable orthodontic tools and what can be expected using them. We work with our patients by listening to their concerns and ensure that they have all the information they need to make the ultimate decision for their oral health goals.

Factors that set Invisalign Clapham apart

Considering the availability of a diverse set of orthodontic tools, it is quite reasonable to ask what makes Invisalign Clapham such a great choice to straighten teeth. According to our patients, the following are just some of the reasons that have tipped the balance in favour of the clear aligner-based system.

Easier to clean teeth

One of the most remarkable features of this orthodontic system is that it is removable. This opens up a few advantages for the patient. As the aligner trays are made from pliable smart plastic, all a patient has to do is remove them before brushing and flossing. Teeth then become easier to clean as all barriers are removed first. The process for sterilising the trays is simple too; they can be brushed out and soaked using appropriate cleaning agents.

Fewer food restrictions

Aligners are removed before eating which means there are fewer restrictions when it comes to choosing what to eat. However, we would like to remind patients that a tooth-friendly diet is the best choice to maintain oral health. This type of diet is generally low in sugar and highly acidic foods and beverages. Next in importance is the number of times in a day teeth come into contact with such foods and beverages; the fewer, the better.

Fewer follow-up visits are required

This is a particularly desirable benefit for busy patients who do not have the time for frequent visits to the dentist. Right at the start of their treatment plan, patients are given their set of aligner trays with instructions on how often to change them. Patients may need to come in occasionally just for us to make sure that the teeth straightening process is coming along nicely.

Straightening your teeth offers amazing benefits, some of which can be life-changing. Just think of the confidence boost that comes from a beautifully aligned smile and what that would mean for your professional or personal life.

At Clapham South Dental Centre, we provide a full range of high-quality dental care to the NHS (we welcome new patients too) and private patients. Are you in need of orthodontics? Schedule a consultation with us and we will provide you with a complete treatment plan.

What are the commonly asked questions about dental implants?

Addressing your concerns about dental implants Clapham easily helps you feel more confident about your treatment plan. We, at Clapham South Dental Centre, have found that it is only in understanding exactly what the treatment involves and their role in looking after their dental devices that patients experience better treatment outcomes. Dental implants Clapham are an excellent treatment choice for patients who have lost adult teeth and are looking for a natural-looking form of tooth replacement. Tooth replacement implants have become the go-to choice for patients because of their desirable aesthetic value, function and efficacy.dental-implants-clapham

If you are not quite sure what questions to ask when considering dental implants Clapham, here are a few commonly asked questions to help get you started.

What do I need to be eligible for tooth implants?

To be considered for implants, patients must be in good dental and physical health. Our dentist will thoroughly examine the mouth and assess dental health to determine the patient’s suitability. Some areas of concern will be gum health and jawbone quality. These two factors form the basis for successful implantation and integration of the implants into the jawbone. If poor dental health is a concern, our dentist is obliged to treat the underlying issue first before proceeding with implantation.

What are the advantages of tooth implants?

Several advantages will be of interest to patients. Tooth replacement implants offer improved quality of life and this is achieved as they can mirror the structure of natural teeth: a dental root that anchors a dental cap. This copycat design allows implants to feel and function like natural teeth, giving patients enhanced confidence when it comes to speaking, eating and smiling in social situations. Additionally, this design also works to protect oral health; the metal root offers the stimulation needed to prevent the jawbone density from diminishing and the face from developing a shrunken look.

Do tooth replacement implants need to be maintained?

Yes, patients who opt for tooth replacement implants need to be clear about the fact that they bear a great responsibility to ensure that implants remain in top condition. The good news is that tooth implants are easy to care for. They need to be cleaned in the same way that natural teeth are – brushing twice a day and flossing.

How long does it take to receive implants?

The answer to this question will vary as it will depend on factors pertinent to an individual patient’s situation. For example, a patient with no underlying issues can receive implantation a lot sooner than a patient who has to improve poor gum quality first. The healing period post-procedure is another factor that bears relevance to treatment duration and this, once again, depends on the individual.

A consultation appointment with our experienced dental practitioner at Clapham South Dental Centre is the place to start if you are interested in tooth replacement implants. We look forward to helping you achieve improved oral health and function for a better quality of life.

What are common questions asked about invisible braces?

There are mainly two broad reasons to straighten teeth: aesthetic goals and an extensive array of health-focused benefits from optimal dental health to confidence-boosting mental health. Orthodontic treatment such as invisible braces Clapham can help you achieve all of the above without the need to announce one’s orthodontic goals to the world. Invisible braces Clapham available at our Clapham South Dental Centre makes it possible to keep straightening teeth a private affair.invisible-braces-clapham

While the idea of invisible braces Clapham sounds fantastic, as there is more than one type available, it can be a bit confusing for patients to decide which system to use. We offer select choices from transparent Invisalign aligner trays to barely visible Incognito fixed braces.

Our friendly dental practitioners, who have many years of experience in supervising patients’ orthodontic treatment plans, are on hand to discuss all suitable devices, how they work and what is to be expected with each. We have collated pressing questions that our patients want to be answered and here are some of them.

Are transparent braces good at straightening teeth?

Transparent braces have been used to great effect for many orthodontic conditions that are mild to moderate in nature while severe orthodontic conditions may benefit best from fixed appliances. Patients, particularly those whose treatment plan involves correcting misalignment issues with the front six to eight teeth, see desirable results in a relatively quick time.

What is the process of cleaning transparent braces?

The answer to this question brings up another wonderful advantage of choosing discreet braces. The process of cleaning the braces and mouth will differ, depending on whether a patient is on a fixed invisible device or a removable aligners plan. For the former, we advise that a patient rinse their mouth out with water first before brushing. A soft-bristled toothbrush will work best.

For a patient on the latter treatment plan, as the aligner trays are removed before cleaning teeth, they simply need to brush and floss as usual. Once this is done, the aligner trays must be sterilised before they are inserted back onto the teeth.

What is the topmost reason to choose transparent braces?

It all comes down to the fact that these types of braces are invisible. This makes them a good choice for adults whose careers are in the public domain and who want to straighten their teeth. These types of orthodontic devices are also the right option for those who will be attending special events soon but do not want to put off straightening their teeth any longer.

Another reason to consider is the fact that transparent braces reduce the risk of damage to the enamel. These braces are easily removed from the teeth and, as there is no bonding material used in attaching them, they come off easily leaving the enamel intact.

With our great choice in clear orthodontic solutions, at Clapham South Dental Centre, teeth straightening can be convenient and comfortable. So, why not find not more by arranging for a consultation today?

A look at clear braces

Were you a teenager who had crooked teeth, offered wire and metal braces as a way to correct them? Did you refuse to have treatment?clear-braces-clapham

Have you now grown into an adult with misaligned teeth?

We completely understand. Being offered traditional, but very efficient braces by a dentist or orthodontist in your teenage years to realign your crooked teeth must seem so unfair, as this is a time in life when we already feel vulnerable and sensitive. Being offered a brace during these years in our life can seem like a nasty twist of fate during a period when we want to develop confidence rather than have it undermined.

So, we end up thinking there is no way we will wear braces.

This thinking has led to many people who could have benefitted from tooth alignment treatment earlier in life taking the problem of misaligned teeth into adulthood, which could potentially lead to the creation of other dental issues. Many of these adults grow to believe that the window for receiving treatment has passed them by, this may not be accurate.

We at Clapham South Dental Centre want any potential adult patients with misaligned teeth to understand that there is a treatment option available to you, as we are offering the service of Clear Braces Clapham.

Rethinking tooth alignment treatment

As dental technology moved forward it was recognised that there was a need to redevelop areas of treatment where we could see resistance to engagement. The brace was redesigned and redeveloped, primarily to change the way it looked.

Gone, now for many, are the wire and metal braces that put some patients off, to be replaced by new devices. Some are made from two layers of clear plastic, making them invisible to the eyes of others and removable; others use ceramic, see-through or toothcoloured brackets and wires fixed onto teeth.This new technology is taken full advantage of by our service, Clear Braces Clapham.

Happy patients, engaging with treatment

Since offering these new clear braces we have experienced a rise in the voluntary uptake in tooth alignment treatment, by adults who may have needed this type of procedure for several years. Many have also reported being completely happy with the results, once completing the treatment, and have stated they would recommend this path to anyone who has misaligned teeth.

Why live with the issues caused by misaligned teeth?

Several issues have strong associations with misaligned teeth, many of which can be eased or eliminated by undergoing tooth alignment treatment. It is well known that those living with crooked or protruding teeth are more likely to have a higher risk of tooth decay or gum disease, as they may struggle to clean their teeth correctly with brushing or flossing.

Another common issue with misaligned teeth is the experience of weakness in the bite, which can result in problems when chewing and eating. This may lead to someone avoiding some foods, as they are perceived to be hard to eat.

Tooth alignment treatment can help with these problems.

Change your thinking

If you are living with misaligned teeth, we at Clapham South Dental Centre invite you to contact us to ask about Clear Braces Clapham. Our reception staff are waiting for your call and will be more than happy to take you through the process of booking a consultation with someone on our dental team.

Understanding Invisalign Clapham

We all have dental issues from time to time, some of the issues we experience will create the need for us to seek advice from a dentist and undergo treatment. The best way to avoid the need for dental intervention is to ensure we maintain a high standard of oral hygiene, brushing and flossing are the simple tools we can employ to maintain good oral health.invisalign-clapham

For adults with misaligned teeth maintaining good oral health can become problematic, as the contours of the teeth can make it difficult to gain full access to the areas around them while brushing. This makes it more likely for problems to arise. Yet, there are modern solutions that can be used to address the issue of misaligned teeth in adults.

We at Clapham South Dental Centre want to make any potential patients with misaligned or crooked teeth aware of our Invisalign Clapham service, a discreet treatment solution that is the perfect answer for those with misaligned teeth.

Living with the issues of misaligned teeth

Those living with misaligned teeth may experience more dental issues in life than others, largely due to the inability to clean their teeth correctly. This can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, leading to a greater need for invasive dental intervention at different stages in life.

People living with misaligned teeth may also find they experience weakness in the bite, making the action of chewing food hard work. This leads to the act of eating becoming a difficult one, which can result in some limiting their choices of foods as they seek to avoid things they perceive as hard for them to eat and enjoy.

In extreme cases of misaligned teeth, speech impediments can be present, there is a strong connection between misaligned teeth and lisps. This can lead to someone becoming inhibited and may have a negative psychological impact on the individual.

The Invisalign Clapham service can address all these issues head-on, leading to the individual who receives treatment enjoying a higher standard of oral health and a far greater quality of life.

Out with the old. In with the new

The reason why there are still many adults living with misaligned teeth in the UK is clear to understand, they may have been offered tooth alignment treatment at a stage of life when they already feel sensitive, their teenage years. They may have been offered wire and metal bracket braces – rejecting this treatment as they may have associated it with a negative image that would lead to them experiencing self-consciousness.

The good news is that the wire and metal braces can now be confined to the past in many cases, in their place is a modern alignment device that can allow a patient to receive treatment in an extremely discreet way. Due to being made from two layers of clear plastics that have been developed to be hard-wearing and durable, these new aligners are practically invisible to the eyes of others when being worn.

If you want to know more

If you want to find out more about the Invisalign Clapham service being offered by Clapham South Dental Centre, you should give our practice a call. Our reception staff can take you through the process of registering with the practice and make an appointment to see one of our dental consultants.

Have you been looking for invisible braces in Clapham?

One of the most common dental issues amongst adults in the UK is that of misaligned or crooked teeth. This may seem like a surprising fact, considering the advances in treatment due to modern dental technology and techniques have led to treatment being easier to access than ever before.invisible-braces-clapham

For those living with misaligned teeth, the dental issues they face can become difficult for them to manage and this can have a lasting impact on their lives. If teeth are aligned correctly the benefits are easy to measure, as having aligned teeth helps to promote and enhance good oral health, as well as making other forms of damage less likely to occur.

We understand that many potential patients for tooth alignment treatment may have refused to engage with treatment in the past due to the look of the wire and metal braces, however, this has changed. We at Clapham South Dental Centre want to help promote modern tooth alignment treatment by telling you about invisible braces Clapham.

A new way of thinking about alignment treatment

The advances being made in the field of dental and orthodontic treatment have led to a new way of thinking about the devices used. It was recognised that there was a need to create tools that would lead patients to engage with treatment, as then they would have the fears and inhibitions they held in the past, being laid to rest. This led to the creation of invisible braces, which cannot be seen by others when in place. These can either be fixed or removable; lingual braces are fitted to the backs of teeth to make them discreet whereas Invisalign aligners are removable and of clear plastic.

By offering these invisible braces Clapham we hope that we can play our small part in the fight to improve the oral health and hygiene of the wider area.

No need to live with the issues caused by misaligned teeth

It is widely understood that those who exist with misaligned teeth live with various dental issues, some of which can have a dramatically negative effect on their teeth and oral hygiene. Having the teeth aligned correctly can help to ease or eliminate these issues, which not only leads to improvements in oral health, but can also have a positive effect on the general health of the body.

There is a heightened risk of tooth decay and gum disease in those living with misaligned teeth, this is due to the fact that they can be difficult to keep clean with brushing and flossing. This can lead to the need for dental treatments such as fillings, which patients may find unpleasant, being employed to avoid future damage.

Many who live with misaligned teeth also report a feeling of weakness in the bite, making chewing and eating food feel like a difficult act. This can lead to food choices being limited, as some may feel the need to avoid harder foods.

Having the teeth aligned correctly can address these and other common dental issues, resulting in patients gaining a higher standard of oral health and enjoying a better quality of life.

No need to live with misaligned teeth

If you are someone living with misaligned teeth, there is no need to, as a modern solution is available to you. The receptionist at Clapham South Dental Centre is waiting for you and will help you gain all the information you need about invisible braces Clapham.

How can you straighten your teeth without metal braces?

The traditional metal brace has been a mainstay of clinics throughout the UK for many decades but at Clapham South Dental Center we are happy to introduce clear braces in Clapham to our local community, why?clear-braces-clapham

Clear aligners have several advantages over traditional metal braces. This has made them perpetually popular amongst adult orthodontic patients.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners operate on the same biological foundation as the traditional metal brace; teeth, with enough coaxing from continued moderate pressure, can be encouraged to alter their position and orientation, allowing an orthodontist to restructure and reorganise your smile. Clear aligners just provide another way of doing this. Unlike a traditional brace where you would attend a meeting with our dentist every 4 weeks in order to have your brace readjusted or tightened based on observations made during the appointment, an aligner does not need this and can be changed at home.

With clear braces in Clapham and their fitting, the first stage is to take an extremely accurate recording of your teeth position which can be done via a dental mould. But a faster and more convenient option that we have is to use an inter-oral scanner.

The resulting 3D scan is used to calibrate a digital model of the patient’s mouth, so our orthodontist can then use this model to perform any adjustments they wish to by placing the teeth in an optimal position. From this finalised optimal position, the software can predict what movement paths the teeth have to take in order to achieve the final results.

With this information, a set of aligners can be inferred and their unique shapes generated in order to move the teeth in accordance with the computer model. The designs for these aligners are sent to 3D printers who manufacture them. This allows aligners to go from the scanning stage to being delivered within four weeks.

With almost all of the orthodontic planning completed before the patient is involved, the only thing left to do is wear your aligners in order to achieve the desired result.

Using clear aligners

For treatment with clear aligners to be effective, you have to wear them for a minimum of 22 hours a day; this is considered necessary and any reduction in that time not only extends the overall treatment schedule but can also result in a common orthodontic complication known as reversion. This is when teeth begin to return to their original starting position; it is only seen in traditional braces when they are removed but as you have the freedom to remove your aligners at home, it can be seen midway through treatment.

Patients don’t find this to be a big problem as aligners are only used for 2-weeks, each as part of a series. But remember, you have to keep the clear braces in Clapham in as long as possible each day and may find it beneficial to set reminders and watch the clock, especially during the first few weeks of wear as you adapt to them. If you have concerns that your teeth are reverting at any stage of treatment, call our team.

The search for dental implants, Clapham

We only have one set of adult teeth that need to last us an entire lifetime – which could be as long as eighty years or more, that is why so much emphasis is placed on the need to take great care of our teeth. But, even with the best of care and intentions, losing teeth is not completely avoidable, accidents can occur that cause tooth loss, as well as poor oral hygiene.

Dental implants Clapham

Tooth loss can become difficult to live with, as it can lead to areas of the gums becoming sensitive making eating painful and hard work. This can be especially true in cases where multiple teeth have been lost, in these cases patients may experience a weakness in their bite. Modern dental technology and techniques have led to a permanent solution to the loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth, this solution can also be used to provide an alternative to denture wearers.

At Clapham South Dental Centre, we are now offering our patients who have suffered from tooth loss a permanent replacement by offering the service of dental implants Clapham. Allowing them access to the benefits of having a full set of teeth.

A hard wearing and permanent solution

The prosthetics being offered by this treatment, dental implants Clapham, are designed to be a permanent solution to tooth loss, as they are manufactured to be hard wearing and created from the strongest of materials. The aim is to mimic the teeth so closely that the implants look and act just like the natural teeth they are replacing, many patients who have received implants report that they find it hard to tell the difference between the natural teeth and the implants.

The base of the implant is a screw made from titanium, the strongest metal known to mankind, that is placed into the jawbone of the patient to form a sturdy foundation for a crown to be fixed to. The crown is created from a hard-wearing ceramic material, that is moulded into the shape of a tooth and coloured in such a way that it will blend in with the rest of the teeth surrounding it.

Remember the above is a basic description of the process of inserting an implant for a single tooth, the process may change when used to treat the loss of multiple teeth.

The benefits of implants

Once the implants are in place they can be used just like the natural teeth they have replaced, meaning many of those who choose this form of treatment report a feeling of being liberated when it comes to food choice. Many who experience tooth loss feel they must limit their food choices to avoid harder or chewy foods, this is especially true for bridge and denture wearers who may be concerned about foods such as rice becoming trapped between a dental device and the gums.

Another, more hidden, benefit of these implants is the way they can offer support to any teeth surrounding them, as it is common for teeth to feel unsteady or slightly loose in an area where loss has occurred.

Need implants?

For those looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss, our invitation is a simple one. Contact Clapham South Dental Centre to find out about dental implants Clapham, we are sure we can give all the expert guidance you need to make the right choice for you.

At Clapham South Dental Centre we offer you the best of both worlds – traditional NHS dental treatments and the option of affordable private cosmetic dental treatments focusing on improving your smile.