Introducing Botox in Clapham

We have some exciting news for you, here in Clapham, Botox has arrived. Yes, wrinkles are inevitable, and living in London surely only speeds up the appearance of fine lines, or perhaps that’s deep crow’s feet? Sure enough, from one day to the next, wrinkles seem to appear. When you have wrinkles it can feel as if you are wearing a ‘best before’ stamp across our faces. Before you know it, you are covered with the things, and once you have noticed them, they will begin to irritate you. Thank goodness for Botox. With Botox, modern technology is on our side when it comes to dealing with wrinkles. Here at the Clapham South Dental Centre in Clapham, Botox has arrived, and it can help you feel younger again.

Botox in ClaphamTaking the plunge

Botox isn’t something to administer willy-nilly. Anyone who is thinking about going ahead with Botox injections should consult a trained practitioner, like ours in Clapham. Botox, when used properly can do wonders in brightening your face and reducing wrinkles. The injections themselves are administered with very fine needles to reduce the likelihood of bruising. They are a little painful, but nothing to be worried about. When you visit us for Botox, we will talk to you, listen to the concerns you have about your wrinkles, and see where you would like to have improvement. We will provide you with a personalised treatment plan that will target the problem areas.


For those of you who are ready to go ahead with Botox, it’s good to know that our products are of high quality, tried and tested. We always make a plan for you that will achieve natural-looking improvements. Once you have your Botox injections you will need to wait 2-4 days before you begin to see the effects. Around 7-10 days after treatment, the full effect can be seen. Botox lasts for around 3-4 months after the initial injections, after this you can get top-up injections.

Other reasons to get Botox

Botox in Clapham also has some other uses:

Botox can:

  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Help to improve facial symmetry
  • Reduce excessive sweating
  • Help to reduce chronic headaches and migraines.

Clear the way for straighter teeth in Clapham

Are crooked teeth getting in the way of you having a good time? Maybe you’re shying away from the camera. Or fretting over what to order on the menu that won’t leave you with bits stuck in all those awkward places between your teeth. It’s time you stopped letting those teeth of yours ruin a perfectly good night out. It’s time to get clear braces in Clapham.

Clear Braces in ClaphamAt Clapham South Dental Centre we want to make sure that when you smile, you do so with confidence. We understand how wonky teeth can make that a tall order. That’s why we provide a range of clear braces in Clapham to suit whatever your dental needs are. Mild to moderately misaligned teeth can be resolved at any age and with clear braces they can be resolved discreetly.

What are clear braces in Clapham?

Clear braces come in a variety of different forms: some are fixed and some are removable. All of them have discretion built into their design. With fixed clear braces, this often means clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. With removable clear braces, this can mean no metal at all but clear plastic aligners.

Why get clear braces?

The cosmetic advantages of clear braces in Clapham are, for want of a better word, clear. But there are dental health benefits to be gained as well. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, as there are fewer places for food debris to get lodged and provide a feast for harmful bacteria. This means lower chances of tooth decay and gum disease. So not only do you get a better-looking smile, you also get a healthier one. That means less time spent at the dentist and more time spent out and about with your new smile on display.

Which clear braces should you choose?

This depends on the misalignment of your teeth and what your expectation and priorities are for teeth straightening. Do you just want to straighten out your front teeth, the ones that are most on view when you smile? Or do you want a more holistic treatment? Is speed your top priority, or discretion?

Have a think about these questions and then book a consultation with one of our dentists.


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