Want to speed up the healing time after oral implants? Five tips designed to help you recover

When many dental patients consider undergoing oral implants, many have concerns about the aftercare and the potential for complications to arise.dental-implants-in-clapham

Of course, many dental procedures carry risks and oral implants are no exception; patients often worry about discomfort after the implants are fitted, and frequently ask their dental practitioners about how they can speed up the healing time and avoid infection. Because, the sooner that the implants heal, the sooner they are likely to fuse and the sooner you can get those glorious prosthetics fitted!

Oral implants are not only a way to fill the gaps in your smile, but they also offer benefits such as improving oral health, allowing you to bite into food with confidence and can stabilise any natural teeth surrounding them. So, we understand that you want them in and healed as soon as possible.

When you come to see us to have dental implants in Clapham, our team at Clapham South Dental Centre will ensure that the fitting process is plain sailing, to decrease the risk of complications arising. However, you have to do your part too with the aftercare and in this article, we will discuss the best ways to improve the healing time!

So, here are five key tips for faster healing after having dental implants in Clapham!

No smoking!

As our team at Clapham South Dental will tell you, smoking is best avoided altogether when it comes to having dental implants in Clapham.

Smoking creates an entire barrage of problems for your mouth in general and after you have had minor surgery for your implants, this habit can cause a longer healing process due to oxygen deprivation. So, if you want your oral implants to heal without fuss, cut out smoking.

Healthy foods

Foods that are high in nutrients and minerals are beneficial after you have had your oral implants.

If you deprive your body of nutrients, you are inadvertently putting your body under stress and can weaken your immune system. Having a weak immune system is not something you want to endure when you have had surgery, as the risk of infections increases; it’s best to eat your greens!

Salt wash

Where would dentistry be without salt water?

Our team at Clapham South Dental Centre will advise you to wash your mouth out with lukewarm salt water up to 3 times a day while your implant site heals.

This will reduce inflammation, discomfort and the risk of infection.

No pressure

For the first few weeks post-implant fitting, avoid eating harder foods that could add pressure to the implant site. Harder foods like carrots or fruits may cause the implants to move under your gum, which will have a detrimental impact on the healing time.


And finally, after your implant fitting, you need to rest to aid the recovery.

Skip the gym, avoid strenuous exercise and if you need to sleep, do. Take it as easy as possible and try to avoid all unnecessary forms of stress. Just relax.