Reasons to consider dental implants in Clapham

Modern-day dental implants in Clapham may be recently invented. However, humans have used innovative methods of restoring teeth since ancient times.

We have come a long way since the days of hammering wood and seashells into gums without anaesthesia. Now we dentists excel at giving people a reason to smile again, with a prosthesis that really works as a natural tooth.

dental-implants-claphamHave you lost some teeth recently due to an unfortunate accident? Or perhaps the side effects of ageing has resulted in tooth loss? Dental implants in Clapham provide a permanent solution to a very real and severe problem.

What is a tooth implant?

While the procedure has been around for a few decades, many are still unaware of the outstanding features of its groundbreaking implications. They choose devices, such as dentures, that they know and which have been around for longer.

That said, while dentures and similar restorative aids provide a good solution to a gummy mouth, they are no longer the only solution. You now have several choices at your fingertips, including dental implants in Clapham.

Put simply; implants mainly comprise of two parts, a small titanium screw to act as a surrogate tooth root and the visible crown to blend in with remaining natural teeth. They can be used to replace a single tooth, or to support a bridge or dentures replacing more.

In a surgical procedure, our team insert the screw into the jawbone and suture up the surrounding tissue once it is embedded. Then the healing begins, which takes weeks or months depending on the pace at which you recover.

How are dental implants in Clapham different from conventional devices?

Tooth implants not only bear a striking resemblance to real teeth, but they also function like them.

With implants, you can enjoy all the activities you did before you became inhibited by a missing tooth or an old, faulty denture.

Talk without worrying about your device slipping out of place and eat what you like, knowing a denture or related contraption will not break or crack.

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As desirable as a tooth implant appears to be, there are a few considerations you should take note of, before treatment can begin.

These include:

Needing enough jawbone

A major downfall of having used dentures in the past is that these do not exercise your underlying jawbone, which means the longer you wear the device, the more bone resorbs from not being exercised.

While a tooth implant can reverse these effects, you need enough jawbone to fit the titanium piece, which may require you to undergo bone grafts if you still wish to have the device fitted.

Possessing healthy gums

Bad cleaning techniques may leave you with a gum infection. If caught early enough, it can be easily treated with a professional cleaning with our oral hygienist. Following this, you are probably a viable candidate for the treatment.

What else should I know?

Tooth implants are considered by some to be quite expensive. However, they should be treated as an investment for your teeth and worth the higher cost.

At the same time, compared to other devices, dental implants in Clapham last a long time if looked after correctly.

Tooth implants are an investment in your oral health – phone our practice, Clapham South Dental Centre for more information.