Why you should keep your invisible braces in Clapham clean

When it comes to aftercare a lot of patients still struggle with the basics of keeping their brace cleaned regularly. It’s understandable as busy routines, work and other personal commitments can sometimes get in the way and you can easily forget to give your braces a good brush now and then.

invisible-braces-clapham01But if you skip out on a scrub for too long you can open yourself up to all sorts of oral health problems. So with that in mind here are a few reasons why you should keep up a regular cleaning routine after you’re fitted for invisible braces in Clapham.

Reduces staining

Starting off at the top of our list we have one of the most noticeable problems that can crop up should you shirk from your scrubbing duties and that’s staining or yellowing of the appliance. This can happen for a number of reasons, but mainly it tends to be brought on by diet. Things like wine, coffee, smoking and certain foods can dye or stain the brace over time and reduce its ability to remain see-through.

A deep clean every other day should help reduce this over time as the last thing you want is a stained piece of plastic in your mouth making you feel self-conscious.

Clears out plaque

A regular clean out with a recommended brace cleaning solution can also help to reduce plaque and tartar build up between the brace and your teeth. If left alone this can spread to other parts of your teeth and gums as you go about your day wearing your brace and if you don’t stay on top of this it can lead to cavities, gum disease or gingivitis.

At Clapham South Dental Centre our talented team will help you find a cleaning routine that works for you to keep your brace and your teeth looking good.

Kills harmful bacteria

Another vitally important reason for keeping up a good cleaning routine once you get home from your appointment for invisible braces in Clapham is that it kills any harmful bacteria that might be hiding away in the crevices of the appliance.

What are the right ways to clean my brace?

Generally you should be scrubbing out your appliance at least once every other day using a soft bristled brush with a round head. You can use an electric brush, but be careful how hard you press or how often you use it, as it can wear down the material of the brace leading to dips and thinning of the plastic.

You should also rinse it with cold water after meals or snacks before leaving it to dry in a hard bodied container, to keep it safe from damage and sterile from any potential bad bacteria that might be lurking on surfaces around your home.

So as you can see, it is incredibly important that you keep your invisible braces clean. If you are still struggling to find a routine that works for you then pop by the practice and chat to our team for a few tips on how to keep your brace sparkling.