Top reasons to choose Cfast braces

Whether you need to enhance your smile for personal reasons or improve your prospects professionally, one of the new dental appliances in the market – Cfast – focuses on producing desired results relatively quickly. For many patients, the time it takes for this type of dental appliance to work is six months. Many adult patients consider a short treatment duration a critical factor. At Clapham South Dental Centre we know how important fast effective results are to our patients which is why we offer a wide choice in teeth straightening treatments – both traditional and newer dental appliances  – for more sensational smiles. As part of our range of invisible braces in Clapham we offer the Cfast treatment method..

Invisible Braces in ClaphamThe Cfast treatment method

The six front teeth located on the upper and lower dental arch is commonly referred to as the ‘smile zone’ as these teeth (when correctly aligned) form the basis of what is considered a brilliant smile. The Cfast dental appliance is designed to work on this smile zone, straightening teeth in a rapid manner. These front teeth are known to be easier and quicker to shift into alignment as they have a single root and comparatively thinner bone structure than other bones found in the mouth. It is this factor that largely influences the dental appliance’s speedy efforts.

Convenient and fast, this type of invisible braces in Clapham work best for patients with teeth alignment problems such as slight overcrowding, small sized gaps in the dental arch and toothy grins.

Benefits of Cfast dental axppliances

There are many reasons, apart from the quick results they provide, that patients choose Cfast. Other benefits that promote this type of dental appliance with patients include:

  • This dental appliance is non-invasive and discreet as the dental brackets are made of clear material and tooth coloured metal wires. Patients find their confidence levels soar knowing they are taking care of their oral health without having to wear distracting and embarrassing dental appliances.
  • There is less likelihood of patients developing speech impediments or experiencing difficulties in eating.
  • Due to the shorter treatment times, cost becomes more affordable.
  • Comfort. As only the front teeth are affected during treatment and the force needed to shift them into the required position is minimal, wearing these types of invisible braces in Clapham are found to be generally more comfortable than other types of orthodontic appliances.
  • Simple and straightforward. The dental devices are attached to the teeth so there is no need to stress about them going missing or changing them.

Patients should bear in mind that Cfast, like other orthodontic devices, need to be cleaned religiously in addition to cleaning teeth and gums. Seeing that Cfast can only be used for a limited number of oral alignment problems, the dental appliance may not be suitable for every patient. To determine your suitability, your situation will need to be assessed by one of our dental practitioners at Clapham South Dental Centre. Call us today to arrange a consultation.