The clear path to straight teeth

So, you have decided to get your teeth straightened. You’ve been thinking about it for years and you’ve put it off because you don’t want to look like a nerdy teenager with clunky chunks of metal and wire all over your teeth. However, despite that you know that straight teeth are easier to keep clean and tend to last longer than wonky ones so you are going to do it anyway.

If you come to us at Clapham South Dental Centre, you can probably avoid all that embarrassment of looking like a baddy from a James Bond movie, with clear braces in Clapham.

Clear Braces in ClaphamYou didn’t know about clear braces in Clapham? Well that’s hardly surprising. They are clear so that people can’t see them when they are on your teeth. This means that during casual interactions in day-to-day life, you can easily miss the fact that someone is wearing clear braces in Clapham.

Fixed clear braces in Clapham

These are like traditional metal braces but they are much smaller. The brackets are constructed using clear ceramic and they are strung through with a fine wire that is coated with a tooth-coloured material. Generally speaking, these braces are designed for moving the front 6-8 teeth, which are the ones people see the most of when you are talking or smiling. These teeth have only one root so the forces needed to move them are gentler, which is why the braces can be smaller. Treatment times can be only a few months, especially if the movements needed are small.

Removable clear braces in Clapham

These look like mouth guards, but the plastic is very thin and they hug the teeth like a second skin. The movement is achieved not by tightening a wire but by using a series of aligners, each with a slightly different set of pressure points inside them. You work your way through the series and by the end, your teeth are lovely and straight.


Everyone needs to wear a retainer after treatment is complete. This is because the bone is not yet set hard and the teeth could wander around if not held in place.