Invisible braces in Clapham- Are they as good as metal ones?

The notion of braces being invisible may initially sound absurd.

However, with more personalised dental technology and more experienced dental professionals, invisible braces in Clapham South Dental Centre are becoming more popular and more affordable for everyone!

Invisible Braces in ClaphamInvisible braces

Similar to clear braces, our invisible braces in Clapham are hard to spot with the naked eye, so you can actually open your mouth to smile without fear of embarrassment while undergoing realignment treatments. They can either be fixed or removable and come in different shapes in order to fit your mouth correctly. Two of the main brands we use in our Clapham practice are Invisalign and Damon.

They are obviously discreet but what other benefits do they offer over traditional metal ones?

Clearer speech

Anyone who has had thick metal braces can tell you that the way you speak changes. This is not only due to having something new stuck to your teeth, but metal braces may cause damage to your gums and lips, exacerbating any speech issues you may already be having.

Of course, this can knock your confidence and is not the best start in your journey to getting straighter teeth. Invisible braces are thinner and so will not impact on your speech patterns. They are made from a softer, flexible material so any potential damage to your lips or gums is minimal.


Invisible braces are thinner and as such, they do not take up as much room in your mouth. They are softer, so they will not cause unpleasant rubbing, ulcers or sore spots.

Traditional metal braces are chunky, and even daily life can become difficult when adjusting to them. Many people report finding it difficult to sleep on their sides, as the pressure of the pillow pushes the inner cheek against hard metal. Hardly ideal for a good night’s sleep!

Eat what you want!

If you have had metal braces fitted at any time in your life, chances are you were told to avoid hard or sticky foods, as both could cause damage to your braces’ structure.

Regardless of whether your invisible braces are fitted or removable, you can eat exactly as you used to before. It is extremely difficult to damage them, and they are flexible. So you can go ahead and order that corn on the cob!


Dental hygiene is always important, but with metal braces it is generally harder to look after your teeth effectively. You have to be aware of areas where plaque can build up on your teeth and spend extra time ensuring that they are clear of any deposits. Many people with metal braces report excess calcium and plaque build-up, which can lead to staining or cavities.

Due to their transparency and potential removability, maintaining correct dental hygiene is a lot easier for invisible braces. You don’t have to check for build-ups or deposits, just brush, floss and gargle as usual.

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