Eating with invisible braces

Invisible braces have allowed people to improve their smile in a discreet and relatively rapid manner in recent years, but what are they exactly and what do they involve?invisible-braces-in-clapham

Composed of trays of clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth, these kinds of braces have been a popular choice since they first became available in the late 1980s. They are designed to be worn for most of the time like other kinds of braces; though they have the advantage of being removable for convenience. They are particularly popular with adult orthodontic patients because they are barely noticeable, which is ideal for those who don’t want it to be obvious that they are having this kind of treatment done.

Here at Clapham South Dental Centre, we are always happy to answer any questions our patients might have about this or any of the other treatments we offer. One of the most commonly asked queries is ‘how can I eat with these braces?’ Here, we explain how you can continue to enjoy food while getting your teeth straightened in this manner.

Don’t wear them when eating or drinking

If you’re undergoing treatment with aligners, it’s fine to drink cold water while wearing them. This won’t do any harm, and it’s a good idea for the general health to ensure that the body is well hydrated throughout the day. However, if the patient is having anything else to drink; such as tea, coffee, fruit juice or even a glass of wine, the braces should be removed beforehand. This is because drinks other than water can cause the aligners to become stained, which could damage them as well as potentially giving them an unsightly appearance.

The trays should also be taken out before eating any meals or snacks. This is to prevent bits of the food becoming trapped within the aligners. If this was to happen, they could become damaged and also compromise the patient’s oral health when worn – potentially encouraging the growth of bacteria and plaque.

Keep aligners clean

After enjoying a meal or snack, we advise our patients to give the trays a good rinse with warm water before putting them back in. It’s also a good idea to floss or use interdental brushes and give the teeth a good clean before replacing the aligners. Completing these steps will mean that the braces will remain almost invisible and the patient’s mouth is fresh and bacteria free.

Get organised

In order for this kind of treatment to be most effective, patients should wear the trays for around 22 hours each day. This means planning meal and snack times so that the braces can be worn as much as possible.

We offer invisible braces in Clapham to many of our patients. Find out more about this treatment and the other available treatment options we have, which should be able to improve your smile! We assess our patients on an individual basis, which means they can be confident of getting the right kind of help to improve their smile.