Been advised to undergo invisible brace treatment in Clapham? What you need to know and what you can expect

When you are told by your dentist that you may be suitable for invisible brace treatment, you may feel a mixture of both relief and confusion.

In the media today, invisible braces are very rarely spoken about, creating an air of mystery around this orthodontic treatment option. Many people are concerned that these types of braces will not be able to straighten their teeth and therefore avoid this treatment altogether. Others are worried that these braces are too expensive.

Invisible Braces in ClaphamAt Clapham South Dental Centre, we offer invisible braces in Clapham to a wide array of patients, to correct common dental issues, for an extremely affordable price.

What are invisible braces?

As the name suggests, invisible braces are more discreet than traditional metal ones; they are made from a clear, flexible plastic and are therefore invisible to the naked eye. Unlike the traditional metal based braces, our invisible braces in Clapham are easy to maintain and are usually removable.

The invisible braces in Clapham that we offer our patients are designed to help correct mild to moderate misalignment issues, to help correct overcrowding or erratic spacing of teeth.

How do they work?

Although these types of braces are used to treat many different dental conditions, the underlying method behind their targeted approach is generally the same, regardless of the condition.

Unlike metal braces that pull teeth into the desired position, invisible braces gently push your teeth into their new position. Many types of invisible brace employ the use of both computer technology and multiple different clear aligners to achieve the final rearrangement, so the entire procedure is more planned, and each step of the realignment process is more predictable.

Benefits of invisible braces

Apart from the obvious benefit of these aligners being invisible and therefore more discreet, there are other benefits reported by the wearers of invisible braces.


Metal braces often protrude, causing them to rub against the inner cheeks. This can cause discomfort while sleeping and can make day to day activities like talking more difficult. As invisible braces are made from a thin, flexible plastic, they fit snugly over the teeth and are softer against the inner cheeks.

Better hygiene

As invisible braces are removable, they can be removed when you need to brush your teeth. Therefore, they do not cause any issues in your oral hygiene routine and do not increase the likelihood of cavities or decay. Also, when undergoing invisible brace treatment, you will not need to undergo additional consultations with a hygienist, as you will not require a specialised cleaning routine to keep your mouth healthy.

Shorter treatment

The average treatment time for invisible braces is between six and nine months, making the overall treatment time significantly shorter.

While there are many benefits to invisible braces, they are not suitable for all patients. If you have severe alignment issues you are not likely to benefit from invisible braces.